Open Web Browser (with URL) from Game

Hey. [size=1]perhaps a bad title don’t judge me[/size]

I’ve worked on a Twitch Notifier for the past few days and made a post about in on “Look at this cool creation” subforum and ReeseMcBlox’s post provoked conversation.

Actually in studio, as a plugin, you could use some API to open the browser I think, let me look.
Found it:
Function void GuiService:OpenBrowserWindow(string url) [RobloxScriptSecurity]
Can’t use it though :frowning:

(Actually scripts created by roblox, even in-game, would be able to use it. hint hint) [/quote]

Would be kinda neat if there was a list of websites we could link to (i.e. twitter, youtube, roblox, twitch) and a method that would bring up a dialog asking if the user wants to open that page (much like that asking you if you want to buy a game pass/dev product). That way we can be sure no one makes them open malicious links, but we can still implement some nice functionality with GUIs like this. :slight_smile: [/quote]

It’s pretty self explanatory, right?

You call the function, you get a confirmation dialog like so:

Of course you could only open ROBLOX, twitter, youtube and twitch links (and if the link contains mature content, the confirmation dialog would never appear. Twitter links would be hard to check but you can at least block twitch channel links and youtube videos).

With this feature, you could easily promote your other ROBLOX games from within a game, twitch streams, youtube content or your twitter.



Gordon why do you guys do this

When a feature request is edited by a staff member and there was nothing wrong with the post, it’s pretty obvious that you just edited it with:

Why do you try and hide it inside confidential tags

This would be REALLY cool. :0

But of course, there’s the problem of being safe for children. (There’s no doubt that people would try to post gross stuff .-.)

I guess, you could have a system similar to decals and audios. You’d upload a link and then it’d have to be approved by the mods, before being put in your game.
That might work. :stuck_out_tongue:
(edit : If that’s not what you were saying already. i thought you meant an automatic system to check, or something. im not really sure. :|)

@Zeekerss: He already addressed that in the OP.

Those links are already allowed on the main site. The safety of ROBLOX won’t change whatsoever just because the same links that are already allowed on the site are clickable in-game.