(OPEN!) Wizzard | Professional GFX Artist

Hi! I am a professional GFX artist who is available for commissions. I have been making GFX for over
a year now. I am very friendly and active in the community. Feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord or here on the developer forum for any questions. I have worked with many developers with millions of visits and groups with hundreds of thousands of members.

I have Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and After Effects to make my GFX. I have worked for many people, thus having many clients you can talk to about my services. The commission will take 1-2 days. Please do not contact me if you are on a very tight deadline. To make a thumbnail I will need the part of the map you want me to use. You do not need to send characters, though if you have a mascot or something, then you can. The thumbnails come in 1920 X 1080 pixels and icons come in 1920 X 1920 pixels.


Shopping Spree (For a royal high dev)

Speed Simulator Icons (25 million visits)

Magnet Simulator

Kicking Simulator


Shopping Spree

Speed Simulator

Magnet Simulator

Another Magnet Simulator Thumbnail

Insane Tappers

Icons: 4k Robux (15 USD)
Thumbnails: 5,500 Robux (20 USD)


  • I can refuse ANY commission
  • I can’t be rushed as I have a life outside of Roblox. :wink:
  • I need to be paid before the commission starts; as I said above, I have many clients if you wish to talk to them about my services


Things I can change: Effects, Sky, Color, Text, Brightness, etc.
Things I can’t change: Pose, Setting, Clothes, etc. (Further revisions will cost more so make sure you tell me how you want them beforehand.)

You can contact me on Discord or The Developer Forum, But I use Discord more. Please read the prices and terms before contacting me. Note: when contacting me please have details ready on the commission.
Discord: Wizzard#8707 I am only accepting a limited amount of commissions because I have been hired as a long term artist for a big group and am getting constant work.
Thanks for reading! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Updated portfolio!
30 Characters


Wizzard did a super good job on all the GFX I hired him for! Great artist! :smile:


Discount is now active! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
30 characters

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Comms Reopened! 30 character hate.

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Simulator Sale is now active! 30 characters


Hat simulator icon added.
30 chars

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Wizzardofaz is a trusted GFX artist. I believe it was because somebody took one of his coms and didn’t pay him for it. If you changed your mind due to the fact that the artist wants to feel secure while doing his art, then you probably shouldn’t be ordering any work from artists.

As somebody who used to make GFX art for some time myself, not everyone has the intention to pay. Most of them will order and then once they make the art waste your time, or they believe they will receive the work unwatermarked. Also some others try pressure you into making the watermark “less obvious” or “decrease opacity” then use the magic eraser tool and take it off. The payment first is just so the graphic designer doesn’t have his time wasted and actually gets paid for their work. Also I should further include that he did watermark the work but the client asked him to remove it or something and I guess he did.


Some people just decide they don’t need a gfx anymore and all the time I spent making the gfx was wasted. It is a way of getting people that are serious about ordering.

Yeah I don’t always fully enforce the rule. As long as I get paid an amount that will still be sufficient then I am ok with it.

Dang, wish I could order some GFX this is extremely good! (When I get the robux I might get some)

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Added more examples and got rid of old ones.

Simulator sale ends on 8/10/2020

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Sale is open and more designs were added. (11/30/20)

New thumbnail added. 2/6/2021!

I commissioned Wizzard for two icons and a thumbnail and I’m extremely impressed with the quality and price. His work is exceptional and I recommend hiring him for GFX!


Great Gfx Artist, Made a fast and high quality icon for my group. He is very trustable.


I bought an icon from @Wizzardofaz, he didn’t waste anytime asking useless questions and got straight to the point and made an amazing icon quickly. Out of all GFX Artist’s I’ve ever hired, he is the best. The price is also good for the work he does.


Thanks I am glad you enjoyed it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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