OpenCloud Ordered DataStores [Public Beta]

At least some great changes for the opencloud ordered datastores, like if i want a list of keys for a datastore, and it’s great



Thank you! We’ll be adding Ordered DataStore support to the Super Biz Data Store Editor


Finally !
I’ve been waiting for this since months ! I am glad this has been introduced. Can’t wait to try it out !

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Ordered DataStores sounds like a good addition for our creators on ROBLOX, allowing external access to DataStores will definitely help if Developers wish to migrate user data to a different method of storing or access/edit it outside of the ROBLOX platform. Looking forward to seeing where this will go.


Let’s go!! Thank you Roblox :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this addition! It’ll serve as a very helpful asset to some of my external applications that require access to datastores to function.

A quick question; is there any official documentation for Open Cloud API request limits? I can’t seem to find any, especially for the MessagingService one. Knowledge of the rate limits for this service would be a huge help so I can ensure my systems are compliant with and do not exceed them.

That’s amazing! Keep me posted, I would love to know how the community uses Ordered DataStores now that its on Open Cloud :partying_face:!

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Excited to see what you can do :slight_smile: !

The Ordered DataStores limits are here. We also currently have a 100 req/min per API key for Ordered DataStores but you can just use more API keys.

Let me get back to you on MessagingService.

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I desperately needed this, lol. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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I support this kind of thing but am concerned about outside uses that could be considered abuses and violations of the terms of service. Specifically about people being able to make USD purchases outside roblox and they’ll be able to set DataStore values, like buying Premium. Sure I support people not having a heavy for Robux, but is there any plan to avoid abuses like this?

Nice to see Open Cloud getting more APIs added to it.

Is a Group API on the roadmap for Open Cloud? Anytime soon?

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Ordered Data Stores are now supported and documented in my Python library:

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Is there any plan on in the future of making OpenCloud API’s scale? Or Apply for higher limits at all?

Currently if you wanted to create a interactive website with your game, that i.e a user could log in and see their data, in truth this would work fine. But if you have a 80k concurrent players, you’d hit that limit pretty instantly.

is this a on the radar for future at all?

Decent release I guess but we really need the option to view someone’s numerical placement in an OrderedDataStore. This is a very limiting factor and will be the reason the number of integrations will not be maximized.


Cool to see this!

One frustration is the lack of consistency in API naming. I know this is kinda minor, but it makes writing SDKs et. al. quite difficult. Some examples between this and the standard DataStore API:





  • Ordered uses ordered-data-stores in the path; standard uses datastores.
    • Inconsistency between “datastore” vs. “data-store”
  • Ordered uses orderedDataStores at end of path; standard uses standard-datastores.
    • Casing inconsistency; probably not great to have capitalization, e.g. “orderedDataStore”
  • Ordered requires scope in path; standard requires scope in query string.
  • Ordered pagination uses the naming of “token”; standard uses “cursor” (cursor is preferred IMO).
  • Query params in ordered use snake_case; standard use camelCase (and sometimes PascalCase…)

These are just the ones I’ve picked up on in the last hour of trying to add ordered datastore support to my rbxcloud tool.

I would like to strongly advocate for consistency across these APIs, especially as they expand. I don’t want to write tons of custom code for every single API just to handle naming convention changes.



Is this supposed to be /increment? I’ve not come across this syntax in APIs before.

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No the : is correct but I agree / would be better




Hey serverless, we’ve gotten a fair amount of feedback asking for Groups in Open Cloud. I can’t make any promises regarding timeline, but it’s definitely on our radar! Thanks for calling it out.

Thanks, I shared this with the docs team, along with a suggestion that we add some automated spell-checking to our docs CI pipeline. :slight_smile: