Super Biz Data Store Editor – Free, Web-Based, Powerful Editing, Simple UI

Super Biz Data Store Editor V1

Super Biz Data Store Editor is the easiest way to view and edit your data stores in the browser.

:heavy_dollar_sign: Free | :desktop_computer: Web-Based | :memo: Powerful Editor | :mag: Key Search | & More

Get Started
Create an account, add your game,
and open the Data Store Editor.

:desktop_computer: Web-Based: Edit in the Browser

View and edit your data stores right from the browser without having to open Roblox Studio. Quickly check on your game, make edits, provide customer support, and more on a computer or phone.

:memo: Powerful Editor & Simple UI

In short, it’s never been this easy to edit your data stores: edit complex structures, copy and paste values, collapsed nested data, and much more.

:mag: Search Keys

Search for a specific key and see a list of matches update in realtime.

How do I get setup?

Create an account, add your game, and open the Data Store Editor on Super Biz (formerly Bloxbiz).

What’s next for Super Biz Data Stored Editor?

Coming soon:

  • Create, Update, and Delete Keys (launched)
  • View Key Metadata (launched)
  • Persistent Sessions (launched)
  • Improved Error Reporting (launched)
  • Ordered Data Stores

Where can I get support?

Leave a comment or join our Discord for support (via the Super Biz Roblox group).

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I’m using it since release and it became the first place I go when I need to look at my game data.
Thanks a lot for your hard work! <3


What’s the point of this when you have tons of plugins that help you do this already. The only use case I see out of this is being able to edit on mobile and view live updates, but we all know how programming on mobile goes…

Our editor interface is much easier to use compared to the popular plugins that I’ve tried - most notably, we autocomplete as you search!

So far everyone that tries it has said this is much simpler and faster than studio plugins, give it a try!

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I’d like something like sending and receiving data request from in-game or either discord itself, That would be better instead of finding USERID of the player name incase data loss being common or players do not have access to Discord or Guilded and getting overloaded.

overall this one seems promising, I’d try using it in my game.

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Hmm would it be helpful if we added a way to search for player data via username?


That’s also what I’m going to say aswell, and yes it might be easier instead of putting ID.

The ‘tons of plugins’ you were talking about is Roblox plugins, which I agree with you…

This can be used for viewing data outside of Roblox environment (like OpenCloudTool does) on the web, if you somehow can’t access Roblox.

The case scenario that I can think of is if you kept getting complaint on data loss and you need to restore their data as soon as possible, then this can be a handy tool for you to use.

We’ll look into something like this!

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Thank you for making this! It was really easy to setup and took like 2 minutes. I also appreciate that it still worked with read-only permissions. That way I can have my co-developers pull player data without fear of them messing stuff up.


I really like this editor! Having the possibility to look or update players’ data on the web is very useful to me. Thanks!

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We’ve added 2 new features!

  1. Create new keys
  2. The ability to share/bookmark links to existing keys or searches
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Does this currently have version support, in other words, are you able to migrate to a previous version for a specific key?

Is there a way you can allow other people that you invite to have data store access to your game?

We’re working on this soon. For now, you’ll have to share your Super Biz account

We’re working on version support soon as well!

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Also, it would be really nice if it supports DataStore2 & ProfileService!

It does, all of these modules use the Roblox DataStores


No as in how they save their data. They save all of the user’s data in a string.

It is saved as a dictionary, like your average data store . There’s no other efficient data storing methods than this as far as I know.

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