(OPENED)(Comms open) Lapa's portofolio

About Me

Hi i am an modeler/translator/rigger/a bit gui/ a bit builder /vfx.I have 1 month and 27 days of modeling(from 15 oct),and i own 3 languages:
romanian(born language)
And a bit Hebrew(im studying it)
My modelling skills are not too high so dont except very good things in modelling,im mainly looking for someone to hire me as modeler or someone else


If you want to see more examples of my works you can add me in discord (Exhausted#0666)


Im available everyday but sometimes i will cant,usually be 3-5h per day working


depending on quality and work time
romanian 2 robux per sentence
russian 3 robux per sentence
Easy = 50 Robux
Medium = 250 Robux
Hard = 750+ Robux
long term contract:
Modelling 10%-25%
translating 1%-5%


discord: YeIIowLapa#2151 / YeIIowLapa#0001
twitter : @EarthNation1
Me: @lapamauve35

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hi! I see you made your portfolio again!
One more thing, nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to download files from a person they don’t know well. Give a link to gyazo or youtube.


sorry but its their own problem if they dont want to so i dont have to do all the work for them ok? sorry about that but i cant do anything

Yeah, you can upload them to youtube.com or use gyazo.com, I agree with @NSignat that I would not download files from somebody I don’t know well.

This makes me question your drive to work, you should be committed to the job, and it takes literaly 2 minutes to upload a video. I would hesitate to hire someone that doesn’t want to take a bit of time to do something.

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Or bitchute.com, vimeo.com and brandnewtube.com.

Why would you make us download them when you can just post them on right away. Seems a bit suss to me. To be fair they are just a vidoe file so can not do anything to your PC.

I don’t think he’s a suspicious person, he’s just not experienced with stuff and Roblox recorder makes stuff in WMV sadly.


Bruh, another portfolio because the old one is closed by staff?
I think that you need to be more professional.

ok stop replying just for that i resolved that and thats all.

Ohhhhhhhh, you just stay there and
did nothing bro…

They can record using OBS, it’s free, works well, and the download is compatiable for Youtube. It also has a lot of other software that make sure they are compatiable with OBS becuase it has so many users. This person isn’t restricted to using the roblox recording software.

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you can put image files directly from your files
its not that hard guys

I do realise OBS exists but it doesn’t work well on all computers, I have the program but I used to have to use screencast-o-matic due to lack of system resources (on my old windows 8.1 with bing laptop, so most users should be able to use obs fine).