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About Me

I’m EnviedBuilding and I build as you can guess. I’ve been doing this for a few years and would like to get more into game development.

What I’m looking for

I would like to just find a small team, preferably me and a programmer to work on a project start to finish. I am not opposed to a group effort, but I do not want to work on an existing project.


Here’s some shots of a decent bit of my stuff. Some of its new, some old. I only use Roblox studio for everything. I do simple stuff, and some detailed stuff so I got a bit of range on style and theme.


Train Station - Top

Project - Roblox

Medieval Like

Low Poly

Houses, Buildings, and interiors


Lobbies and Spawns

Random items



I can do most basic stuff so just ask me before hand


Random items


My stuff

Obviously just a screenshot doesn’t complete the picture so if you want a link for some just let me know. These are just a few that stood out to me and that I enjoyed.


I am available almost anytime. Feel free to contact me whenever. I plan on putting several hours a day into a project.


Since I would like to work on a project with a small group or one other person. I would like percentages of earnings. Secondary option is USD.


Developer Forum - EnviedBuilding
Roblox - EnviedBuilding
Discord - Kade#4617


I’m interested in your service, add me on discord

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I’m interested in your service, add me on discord
Lucifer Morning Star#7959

Thank for reading

Added everyone. Send me a message.

Sent a request…InsaneRapper007#5536

Love your work, added you on discord - sir puppington#0829

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added more photos and styles to the list

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