[OPEN]Hiring a 3D Artist! Midbyte Recruitment!

Hello, my name is Chad. I am the Lead Developer and Founder of Midbyte with @21stPsalm Midbyte is looking for a talented developer to make some assets for our game. Check out the details below:


• Able to work with references and use ideas from your imagination.

• You must be somewhat interested in what you are creating in this commission.

• Must be 13+

• Have 2+ years of experience in 3D Software.

• Have 1+ years experience working inside of Roblox Studio.

• New Member or above on the developer forum.


• You will be creating low poly and mid poly vegetation for a wide range of biomes.

• Must be an Organic/Hard Surface Modeler

• Capable of texturing assets created.

• Have an understanding of the game and asset you are creating.


Payment will be negotiable. We are leaning toward $25 USD for all of the assets we want created( It is not assets for an entire game, just a few of many that we need).


• Twitter: @NanoSwamp.

• Discord: Chad#7225

• Roblox: BrickSquared

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25 USD per asset or for all the assets?
what is the amount of assets.

No, I never said per asset. Sorry if that was not clear to you. We only need about 10 plants, which they are not very hard to complete.

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I should be able to do this. I’ve already added you on discord as you know. Just wonder if it could be converted to Robux.

Hey htere, I might be interested in working for you! Heres a link to my portfolio:Asset Modeler for Hire [Taking Commissions] [OPEN]

However, is it possible for you to pay in robux?

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