Opening a Specific File Hangs Studio

I cannot work on a commissioned project since the latest studio update (version version-1eb2fdc84a3d4451). The file (which I cannot provide publicly but am willing to send to an employee) causes studio to hang/crash for multiple people. It happens 100% of the time when trying to open the file, and no crash log is saved. Studio just freezes and accepts no input.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Waiting patiently (studio never recovered after 15 minutes of waiting)
  • Having a friend who COULD somehow successfully open the file re-save it and send it to me (still crashed)
  • Reset all studio settings to default
  • Manually removed all installed and built-in studio plugins

The following output log is saved during each attempt to open said file:


Command line:
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Roblox\Versions\version-1eb2fdc84a3d4451\RobloxStudioBeta.exe -startEvent

1553140023.03345,1574,6 Finding AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Opening AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Parsing AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'Settings' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'ContentFolder' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'BaseUrl' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 BaseUrl loaded from 'AppSettings.Xml'
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'IsScriptAssetUploadEnabled' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'IsAnimationAssetUploadEnabled' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'IsImageModelAssetUploadEnabled' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 Looking for 'CrashMenu' element in AppSettings.xml
1553140023.03347,1574,6 fetchClientSettingDataViaHttps
1553140023.18978,1574,6 LoadClientSettingsFromLocal group: "ClientAppSettings"
1553140023.18978,1574,6 LoadClientSettingsFromLocal group: "StudioAppSettings"
1553140023.19079,1574,6 CrashReporter Start
1553140023.19079,2424,6 WatcherThread Started
1553140023.45544,1574,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::RobloxMainWindow - start
1553140026.82593,1574,6 Info: RPC:Constructor Started server - RBX_STUDIO_4364
1553140026.82692,1574,6 StudioABTests using browserTrackerId 39248445783
1553140027.32086,1574,6 setAssetFolder C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions/version-1eb2fdc84a3d4451/content
1553140027.32686,1574,6 Reflection::load C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions/version-1eb2fdc84a3d4451\ReflectionMetadata.xml
1553140028.13861,1574,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showNativeLoginPageWidgets
1553140028.14958,1574,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::RobloxMainWindow - end
1553140029.24251,1574,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showNativeStartPageWidgets
1553140029.68320,1574,6 Error: Internal Server Error
1553140032.86803,1574,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::createAndShowIDEDoc with task EditFile
1553140033.10896,1574,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::open - start
1553140033.11198,1574,6 Info: 	Locking DataModel
1553140033.11601,1574,6 Info: 	Initializing Ogre
1553140033.11601,1574,6 Info: 	Initializing View
1553140033.12206,1574,6 D3D9 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
1553140033.12206,1574,6 D3D9 GPU: Vendor 10de Device 1c03
1553140033.12206,1574,6 D3D9 Driver: nvldumdx.dll
1553140033.15404,1574,6 D3D9 HWVP device created
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: ThreadSafe 0 Framebuffer 1 Shaders 1 Compute 0 Instancing 0 ConstBuffers 0
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Framebuffer: MRT 1 MSAA 1 Stencil 1
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Framebuffer: Depth16 1 Depth24 1 DepthFloat 0
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Texture: RGB10A2 1 RG11B10F 0
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Texture: DXT 1 PVR 0 ETC1 0 ETC2 0 Half 1
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Texture: 3D 1 Array 0 Depth 0 MSAA 0
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Texture: NPOT 1 PartialMips 1 CubeMipGen 1, CubeFramebuffer 1
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: Texture: Size 16384 Units 16
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: ConstantBufferSize 4096
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: 32bIdx 1
1553140033.15404,1574,6 Caps: ColorBGR 1 HalfPixelOffset 1 RTFlip 0 MinusOneToOneDepth 0
1553140033.15503,1574,6 Video memory size: 2147483648
1553140033.16201,1574,6 Loaded 765 shaders from pack d3d9 variant FFlagExtendedHdrPrecision (558276 bytes)
1553140033.16201,1574,6 Compiled 153 shaders in 7 ms
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 	Initializing Explorer
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 		RobloxViewStudio::RobloxViewStudio - start
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 			Marshaller
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 			BindToWorkspace
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 		RobloxView::RobloxView - end
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 		RenderScheduler::RenderScheduler - start
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 			Marshaller
1553140033.20688,1574,6 Info: 			BindToWorkspace
1553140033.38841,1574,6 Info: 			ConfigureStats
1553140033.38841,1574,6 Info: 			RenderJobCyclic
1553140033.67198,1574,6 Info: 	Loading File : C:/Users/Administrator/Documents/Roblox Projects/TOP SECRET/S E C W E T.rbxl
1553140033.94174,1574,6 Info: 	Initializing Terrain
1553140033.94174,1574,6 Info: 	Initializing Undo
1553140033.96970,1574,6 Info: 	Open Success
1553140034.03163,1574,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::openPlaceSessionConfigWithStream - end
1553140034.05401,1574,6 Info: RobloxIDEDoc::activate - start
1553140034.05802,1574,6 Info: RobloxMainWindow::showTabWidgets

When Studio hangs when opening game, could you please manually generate the full dump file and share with me? Please refer to below about how to generate full dump with windows task manager.

The full dump file size may be very big (1G+), and the forum does not allow large file sharing. Please zip it, upload to google drive and share it with us.

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,

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Will do. Once I get back to my house after running some errands I’ll take care of it.

Thanks for your sharing. So far, I have received dump files from two developers, which seem to be the same issue. Studio seems to have some deadlock issue.

Will file an ticket for this, and will work on it:-) Thanks a lot for your sharing.

Btw, I just by accident clicked the “Flag” button in your post:-)

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Possible ETA on looking into and/or fixing the issue?

We may find the reason for the freeze. Before the fix, maybe you can try to temporarily change the FFlag as below:

1: under the Studio installation folder (where the RobloxStudioBeta.exe locates), create a subfolder “ClientSettings”
2: Under the ClientSettings folder, create a file: “ClientAppSettings.json”, with below content
If number 10 not helps, try it 20
Please let me know if it helps:-) Thanks a lot!

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The temporary solution (provided in DM by @lll_xyz) was to set FFlagAddPackageService to false in ClientAppSettings.json. This allowed my file to load successfully. Thanks a bunch!!


Just wanted to add that I also have this issue on the select few places where I have packages, though not with any that don’t have packages.

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