Opening CurveAnimations crashes studio

When I attempt to open an animation that uses CurveAnimation, I am either met with the “An unexpected error occurrered and Roblox needs to quit.” message, or studio simply closes automatically. After trying to remake the animation, the same thing happened the next day when I opened it. I’ve uninstalled all plugins, tried on different places, and tried reverting the version of the animation, but it still happens.

repro.rbxl (87.8 KB)

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We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!

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Hey this seems to be an extremely big issue, as it seems to occur 100% of the time after publishing a curve animation, in which trying to load said animation crashes studio. This makes it impossible for me to make edits or changes to new animations, meaning I cannot develop around them until this is fixed.

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Yes, my animation progress is unfortunately halted until this is fixed.

Hi there, thanks for your report.

An update has been posted here, including information on how to open your animation before we release a new version of Studio with the fix.


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