Opening place from website results in multiple funtionality failures

I encountered this bug a few days ago, after I have fixed the Studio laggy issue on the Mac. However, there’s an issue with opening Roblox Studio from the website. All buttons cease their functionality including inability to select any object in workspace, basic Studio tools and window toggles.


  1. Go to any game you have access to
  2. Press ‘Edit’ to the place
  3. Test everything aforementioned

Possible, but unlikely related issue:


This just happened to me and I am also on Mac. Roblox’s status website is not loading for me so I can’t check if somethings wrong with studio. I can’t run or play the game, nor can I open toolbox.

inability to select any object in workspace

This is likely linked to my issue since this is one of the problems that was happening with the draggers and tools.

This has been happening to me for a few days now, and I am on PC
When I open a place for edit for the web site, it will open up 2 copies of it in studio, no matter which one I close out, the one that is left when I try to work with it, none of the dragger, selection or rotation type tools will work, and they will all stay with highlight on when clicked.

I have to close out the whole thing and try to load again.