Roblox's dragger system has become kinda funky

Ok so I was in the middle of doing some developing and all of a sudden this dumb bug starts happening and has basically refused to go away, making most if not all of the standard tools break. Whenever I go to select an object it’ll do one of three things:

  1. I won’t even be able to select the object to begin with


  1. I’ll be able to select an object but not be able to manipulate it in all three axis ( X, Y & Z )


  1. I’ll be able to make a change to the object but I won’t be able to deselect the object afterwards


no, this isn’t my mouse acting up because it works fine everywhere else.

I doubt I’m the only one experiencing this issue either.

Edit: Apparently the dragger was rewritten from Lua to C++ although that may be incorrect.
Edit 2: The worst thing is I can’t even report this to #platform-feedback:studio-bugs because I don’t have access to posting bug reports on it.


It may be the recent update yesterday… since string formatting in scripts also is broken.

I personally haven’t experienced your problem, but I’ll check when I get on studio later today.


I couldn’t really think how a change like this could’ve happened since the change-logs make no reference to any kind of update to the draggers or anything. I personally haven’t experienced the string formatting thing though.

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Is your move increment set to 0?


Try using F3X for now as it’s not updated like the studio tools.

I can’t reproduce these problems.

  • What platform are you on, Mac or Windows?

  • Could you try disabling all of your user plugins and trying again? This looks like it might be bad interaction with a user plugin that you have installed. If it works with all user plugins disabled, could you try to narrow down what plugin breaks it, and give me a link to that plugin so that I can fix the interaction?

  • If anyone else is having the problem please let me know.

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This issue actually occurred the other day while working on a project of mine, after I relaunched studio it seemed to have fixed itself.

Were the plugin buttons also broken when it occurred? (Like, could you select multiple dragger tools at once in the ribbon)

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It seems to happen at random intervals as this happened to me once before. A simple relaunch of studio fixed the issue for me personally, and since then it has yet to occur again.

Actually yes, I just remembered that I could in fact select multiple options at once to use in interacting with the brick. such as move, select, and scale.

I’ve had this issue too, and it fixes itself after relaunching roblox studio. Then after a while, it glitches out and lets me select multiple tools. It’s honestly really buggy, it may have to do with the new appearance of the move tools, as going to older versions fixes this issue. It’s honestly frustrating and makes me lose motivation.

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Wait, it stops working in this way halfway through your session? Do you get any errors in the output window when it happens?

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Nope. Nothing at all shows up in output.

Sorry for taking like 58 million years to reply but here’s the gist of my answer:

My OS is Windows 10
I did try disabling all user plugins but it didn’t fix my problem

I can completely relate, I can’t even do any work in studio rn due to this bug preventing any real movement of objects.

No, my increment in those examples was set to 2 as that is what it was last set to, setting it to 0 doesn’t fix the problem though.

I can’t get behind full F3X studio usage, imo it’s just too jank.

Yeah the issue is completely silent as far as outputs go, nothing shows up there at all.

Could you add this plugin to your plugins directory? (It’s a copy of the Select tool which can run as a user plugin. It has some additional debug things like a red square that follows your mouse)

SelectDragger.rbxm (172.9 KB)

When your ability to select things with the main Select tool breaks, try using this one, and let me know it it also breaks at the same time, or if it continues to work while the bultin Select tool is broken.

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I’m probably gunna sound pretty dang stupid for this but where exactly is the Plugins folder for Roblox and how to I add the plugin into Studio to where I can actually use it ( instead of just having a folder in the workspace which I can’t do anything with )