(OPEN)Looking for an experienced builder to make a large city. Price 200k!

[Overview] :
Hello! I am looking for a talented builder to construct a mid-detail 2,000 x 2,000 studs urban city. We have some props and assets made to assist you.
Within the city, the following accessible locations will be needed:

[Details] :
-Skatepark OR Basketball court (you can pick one to make)
-Community Park
-Clothing Shop
-Bank & Jail
-Underground Arena
-Abandoned Building
-Hitman Association (only need an enterable lobby)
-Weight shop


[Payment] The currently listed pay is 200kR$

[Contact Info]:

Request to apply for the job (Please provide a portfolio containing representations of your building ability) :

Project Head Discord: SerLoy#9709


Just for question do you need any modeling utensil?

Yes, but the gym equipment’s are done.

I mean, you don’t need a modeler? ’

I do need a modeler if you have any experience hit me up with your portfolio and I will review if you meet the requirement.



  1. Is terrain included?

  2. Does the builds include the interior and assets?

  3. Since this is a larger job, what is your estimated time for the project to be done by?

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  1. whatever makes the city good
    2 yes u got to make the interior
  2. it should take 1 month to make

still OPEN. if you want to be hired apply!

Hello, this is my portfolio: Builder | chariiox | Portfolio
I mainly work on mid poly towards high poly and detailed builds, hmu if you want!

Hi, I am interested in this, and here is my portfolio:

I am pretty good at modern architecture, and I specialize in mid-high poly builds. My discord is Bxd_Fxnd#5057.

I’m interested in the job offer!
My portfolio:Nothing, closed
My discord: Zakaruko#2029

You guya looking for a 3d modeler?

[OPEN] [Portfolio] 3D Modeler [For hire] [Robux only] - Collaboration / Portfolios - Roblox Developer Forum

You could check mines out, here it is.

Hello I’m a builder Roblox Username [ImFatBoiHowAboutYou] and I can build a map :smiley:

You can look at the build I made made so far on my Roblox group

I also helped another person by building him a desert Bio

Please Consider Hiring me. Because I love to build and will put in 100% of effort

Still looking for a builder hmu

Hello, I would love to take up this job, and build the city. I have alot of experience in building cities!
Heres my portfolio: Joker | Roblox Builder [1+ Year Experience]

I have also contacted you on discord, looking forward to your response :slight_smile: