(OPEN/UPDATED) czpcakee I GFX artist/UI and Logo designer

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About Me

Hey there! I’m Cupcake, but everyone calls me cup. I am offering my services as a GFX artist and a UI/Logo designer. I have been doing UI/Logos for about a couple months now, along with GFX’s. I had a lot of friends recommending me to go do work for others, and I finally got around to it so that I can improve my skills and help others!



Here are some of my GFX’s!

(I made the logos in these gfxes)

Now my logos:

And as for my UI’s I currently don’t have one to showcase, but I will very soon as commissions will start!


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends/weekdays. You can contact me any time!


Prices are negotiable, GFX thumbnails will probably start at 1.3-1.5k and icons will start at 800. Logos will be 1k and UI’s will be 200 per UI (USD equivalent) I also do gamepasses for 250 each. My preferred payment is USD, but I will accept robux as well. Again prices are negotiable.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or Discord, cup#4445 (my dms are on so either just message me or lmk in the replies that you added me so I can add you back).

Thanks for reading! :grinning:


Updated unfinished GFX’s to look better

Was on break, re-opened commissions! Also if you want to see more of my gfxes feel free to dm me. I didn’t feel like putting all my work on my portfolio as I have yet to watermark them, I will soon though.

Very nice UI. Will be buying more soon!

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Huge update, added tons of new showcase pictures from commissions.

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I need a simple GFX for a cafe Training game but I don’t have enough I don’t know if 200 is to little so can you reply and tell me if it’s to little I looked at your payment as well so I’m not sure.

Just one gfx?

char limitttttttttt

Char limit? Sorry no clue what you mean.

She’s bypassing character limit.

how the hell you find me ???

yeah i cant send the message unless it’s the char limit (letter limit) and i had nothing else to say, but let’s take this to dms