Operatik's music progress and thread

Not to be confused with Operatik's Soundtrack Project, there is no project but all music and progress continued on this topic.

The first ones I will upload are:


The Scheme

The System

Remember to leave constructive feedback!


Amazing! those are very calm and the first one. it kinda gives a mysterious vibe in it. overall it’s extremely awesome :eyes:


Remember, sugar coating is not constructive feedback.

Faux Pas

Alienated – revised


Faux Pas


In Trouble


Good tracks overall, just a few small things in my opinion.

In The Scheme, there’s this synth bell thing that comes in really high (1:15-130) and I think that the gain on that needs to be taken down a little bit in proportion to the rest of the song. It sounds good, but kind of hurt my eardrums when I heard it :smile:.

I definitely love the variety of the drums in The System.

In Faus Pas there’s a drum/ pad that comes in on 0:1, 0:17. I love it. It totally adds character and variety to the song.

In Future, I love the different synth and bell melodies, but at 0:56 - 1:02 the collide in a few places that sound rather dissonant.

Really like them all, particularly Alienated.


I don’t think it’s the gain. I believe I should cut the 2000-5000 Hz range with an EQ and it should be solved that way. I would like to keep the robustness the sound already has and not make it too windy.

Looking into it later. It’s probably because of the lead synth going about its own ways.

I appreciate all those constructive feedback. Thank you for your response.


the first one Alienated sounded mysterious and a bit sci-fi the second one The Scheme could use some work perhaps make it the music go faster? and my fav is the system sounds very sci-fi and I love sci-fi :star_struck: idk about game music that much bc usually I have my sound completely off when I’m playing so my parents don’t wake up



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I think Hardship is the best one!

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Not bad, my fav is the second one. Great work, keep it up!


Hardship – updated

Evasive Maneuvers



I’m not gonna lie to you. But playing Hardship and Runner at the same time… that’s a bop.

Huntsman – updated

Knight - updated

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I noticed in Huntsman that there is a lot of empty space at times, especially in the second half of the song or so… the drums sound like the only thing that’s playing. It also sounds a bit empty when the bass’ cutoff is turned down and the melody is playing at the same time. 0:56 for example.

Huntsman is still in its very early stage of creation. It does make it sound more empty and like a brand new store with plain white walls with randomly splashed colors. It’s more or less a draft but I agree that it does sound slightly off in the second half.

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Evasive Maneuvers – updated

Huntsman – adjusted

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Today’s something different and now we’re going through revision of mixing techniques. In fact, I’m checking out gain staging and realize the potentials it holds.

Option Zero

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Surprise upload, it’s Chrysalis!

A completely different style from my usual, almost.


So I asked my dopplegänger try music, and uh…