Opinions on low poly house

There’s not much to it, I made this house to practice making buildings that look cartoony. Please be kind and consider this is only the 3rd house I’ve ever made in blender. I apologize also for the low quality images, it’s snipping tool for goodness sake.


Cool home I’m just learning to do it.

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Good luck learning man! I’ve been using blender for many months now but only started making buildings recently.


But a lot of things prevent me, for example, I now want to make a video And thx

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Looks good! You could fill the side walls with windows or something and adding chimney would be great.

Great suggestion on adding a chimney! I had plans on adding things to the side also, as this is a mere WIP. I should have clarified that though.

This build is quite impressive! I really find low poly builds to have a great and appealing style, and I think your house reflects that perfectly.

I would definitely add a door handle, and maybe some outdoor lights to the front.


Fantastic suggestion! I’ll definitely add a door handle as well as some lights out front!

Quite decent… wait, it is created using Blender meshes. Extra points for that, considering the difficulty of controls in the software. Well done!

A little looking around here’s some other points:

  • Overall geometry is somewhat fine – got me slightly confused at first glance
  • A suggestion would be an addition of a chimney
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Thanks! I’m going to add all the suggestions later today and update this post with new pictures. As for the geometry, it’s supposed to be weird, as I feel that seems more cartoony.

This looks pretty nice!

Here’s some of the things I’d add:

  1. Something to fill out the sides of the house
  2. A chimney
  3. A door knob on the door.

There’s isn’t much to recommend, as you hit the cartoony feel of the build on the spot. :slight_smile:

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I love your house a lot! Awesome job!

What’s your opinion on 3D Modeling in Cinema 4D or anything else?

I’ve never used cinema4D. I’ve only used blender. I do like the way things made in cinema4D look, however it costs money and blender is free.

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Maybe you could give the roof a little curve?
Pretty nice though. Keep up!

What do you mean by adding a curve? Do you mean add a loop cut and drag the middle edge in?

A curve in this sense:

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You should add a window to the side of the house! It would make it look better, but foe this being your 3rd ever low-poly house, great work!

I know I should add things to the side of the house. I should have clarified that this is a WIP.

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That certainly would be a nice touch, and I’ll look into doing that.

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It is pretty good, but i have a question, have you done it with different meshparts or thw whole house is a meshpart?