Opinions on my GFX

Been doing GFX for a few months, always doing bad, this is the time when I get good, two of my latest GFX, Opinions?


This is my first actual post on devforum!

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This is definitely some great artwork and I’m not an gfx artist myself but I know a little thing or two about art. I would recommend adding more to the background in “Ichigo on Mars”. Maybe add like a spaceship or asteroids to spice up the art. Be creative! This is a good first step though!

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I would add a face to the character. Also the red clothing makes it kind of difficult to see the red sword.


Welcome to the DevForums and congrats on your first official post!

I think you’ve done some great work here. I love the momentum, colours and energy in both shots - it’s clear that these guys mean business!

If I were to offer any constructive feedback, I’d firstly suggest making the “MIND” signature a bit smaller in the Mars image. At the moment it’s taking a lot of attention away from the main artwork. In addition, before I read your username, i thought it said “MINO” so perhaps you could experiment with a few different fonts as well.

Stepping away from the signature, it’s a bit difficult to see where his weapon ends as it kind of blends in with the red effect surrounding the image. I’d suggest using a different shade of red for the surrounding effect to make the lightsaber really pop out!

I really like what you’ve done with the front-facing shot’s composition. If anything, as @C0_le has also mentioned, I would add a face to each model just to give them a little added personality.

Keep up the good work!

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It wasn’t meant to make it be on mars, just turned out like that, but anyways, Thanks for your feedback!

Yeah, gonna try fixing the signature and start using faces more often, afterall I see them in a different way after reading the feedback on them.

I totally can agree with that, thanks for feedback!

Can’t really see Luffy’s clothing’s color properly;
Maybe fix that up.

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Your first gfx, I’m not sure what that red thing is but it does seem to be “glowing” so I recommend minding the lighting of objects and how it affects other ones. In terms of high lights, main light source and etc.