[Opt-out Phase] Introducing Animator Retargeting for Supporting a Single Animation on Multiple Rigs

Hello developers,

With the beta test for retargetable animations having been out for a while, we are going to move into the opt-out phase of the retargeting rollout.

This means that experiences with the default setting for retargeting will now have it enabled, and players joining those experiences will have lower body retargeting applied to their animations (which should improve the way their movements look).

Please reach out to us if you encounter any issues with your animation (technical or visual) and we will promptly investigate. The feature can still be opted out of by going to:
Workspace > Behavior > Retargeting > Select the ‘Disabled’ setting.

If opting out, we’d appreciate a comment on the thread or a DM to let us know why, or any other feedback that you’d like to share so that we can continue to improve this feature!

Thank you for your continued support!

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I see this is now opt out phase, nice, but does it mean this is now kind of live?

yes! that’s correct, this is currently live.

Hello, my rig breaks once I use animation retargeting and I would like to know if it’s a fault on my side or it’s engine fault, heres the video of how does it behave with Retargeting enabled:

The error is that the hands are incorrectly positioned. I think it is because I’m rewriting manually the C0 from the Waist joint

Here’s how it behaves without the Retargeting enabled (and its expected behavior):

The videos are broken! Someone please re-upload them, I have no idea if this is the golden solution I am looking for!

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Sorry for the delayed response.

A fix that tries to address this to a degree was recently enabled
It is indeed a known issue with manually setting C0 values that a few others had reported.

There are plans to further improve the handling in cases like this. If the intermediary fix doesn’t do enough though, then disabling retargeting may be the only option in the meantime.


Manually setting the retargeting property doesn’t seem to save, I can only get it to work in studio, is this intended?

I didn’t manage to repro on a blank baseplate. Any additional details you could add? For example are you trying to enable/disable the property, how are you checking if the property is on/off?

I’m attempting to disable the property.

My issue occurs due to manipulating C0 of the character’s waist.

When testing in studio, retargetting enabled results in this snappy behaviour where the animation will not move with the waist.

Whereas when testing with it disabled causes it to behave as intended, or at least as I intend.

Regardless of my attempts to disable the property, in - game will always result in the first video, as if the property is still enabled.

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Would it be possible to upload a .rblx for testing this? And were you able to repro on a clean baseplate? I’ve tried to make places, upload them and the property changes seem to save as expected.

My speculation for now is that there could be some other factor related to the behavior as well. Or possibly a restart of game servers after saving and republishing is needed for the property to apply.

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I’ve been having this exact same problem with my Motor6Ds. I’ve set retargetting to disabled in studio and it fixed it, however publishing the game causes it to switch back to default when in an actual game. I’ve tested and it works in a test server, but just doesn’t work in a live server. I’ve went ahead and printed retargeting:


TEST SERVER same result in studio

So I decided to set retargeting to disabled at the beginning of a script before players load. Doing this did fix the issue in live servers, but I really don’t like this solution and am still confused why when it’s set to disabled in studio, it doesn’t save to live servers.

Ok big news, I thought about what @RayBloxSunshine said:

and decided to click “Migrate to Last Update,” (I’ve never clicked this button before) doing this fixed my issue completely and the retargeting changes in studio are now saved. I don’t know why this works compared to publish and shutting down servers, but alright. :3

I’m still a bit skeptical about the whole situation lol, but if anything happens (like it breaking again or something) I’ll update it here.


https://gyazo.com/1a74d5aab64c50b97465cc3317ab9626 why is changing lowertorso or uppertorso motor6d orientation cause these ? this cause a problem with my character tilting script ! and this only happen when i enabled retargeting … any idea ? is this an engine bug or something ?
this is without enabling retargeting https://gyazo.com/64aa6af762e80388c06c5fa76cc31f91


If this happens to be C0 or C1 getting modified, then either disabling retargeting or trying to use the motor6d transform instead would be recommended. C0 & C1 defines the way retargeting understands the rig, which should remain static for most cases.

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Hi, the videos in OP aren’t working anymore it seems. Could they be reuploaded?

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