Option to Blacklist People from Seeing Your Posts & Topics & Messaging You & Seeing Their Messages

Hey there everyone,

Recently, I’ve been feeling the need to request this addition to the DevForum. The DevForum should add a feature that you can block people and cannot see their posts, nor can they see yours. Also, so that they cannot message you or see your topics.

The main reason I’ve been thinking about requesting this is because there is harsh people out there and you could solve it yourself by blocking them on DevForum instead of flagging them. (or do both)


There should be no immature or antagonistic nonsense on the forum. Flag them and let DET deal with it. If you need to block somebody, there is a problem.


You aren’t understanding my point. This is so you don’t have to continuously flag named person, and you can just block them

Muting a user already suppresses their notifications and prevents them from DMing you. You could probably use a web extension to personally hide their posts, but that’s overkill. You should also only flag posts if they break rules.

You should also explain why they shouldn’t be able to see your posts too, as this could easily be bypassed by simply logging out. The point is if this user is causing you problems you should message the dev engagement team so they can remove the user if necessary


If you are a reegular, you have the option to block people, and it prevents you from seeing their posts. Ignoring the user already mutes notifications from that user, and if it’s so bad you don’t want them seeing your posts then you should report them to the @DevRelationsTeam.