Option to disable UIPageLayout's built-in mouse wheel response

UIPageLayout changes the page when the mouse wheel is scrolled on top of it. There should be an option to disable this.

I have a UIPageLayout that has ScrollingFrames as its pages. I want the mouse wheel to only affect the ScrollingFrames.


This is something I’ll hopefully be adding soon.


Totally agree. :octopus:

Any update on this?

I haven’t had a chance to work on it, I will try to work on it soon.

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As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to disable the default mouse behavior with UIPaygeLayouts.

Allow me to clarify.

In RS Minigames, I have a crate system where players can open crates to unlock items. To avoid the hassle of creating and implementing my own ‘wrapping scrolling frame’, I used the UIPageLayout to make panning through potential crate items easier.

This is great, but, with the current way UIPageLayouts work, they automatically scroll if the user moves their mouse wheel up/down while above it.

While this does not interfere with the outcome of my crate UI (the results are generated in the server beforehand), it is quite of an annoyance when I get bug reports from players, saying that they can ‘rig’ the crates by scrolling on the crate UI to get the item that they want (again, what they’re actually seeing when the crate UI stops is the crate UI landing on the item the server picked).

If the ability to enable / disable mouse scrolling on UIPageLayouts was added, my CrateUI would be a lot more intuitive than it is right now, since you can scroll through the items ultimately interfering with the panning animations.

Here’s a GIF of what I am talking about:


Why is there the ability for the mouse to scroll on it at all? That’s my real question.

+1. I don’t want players scrolling on my UIPageLayout items, but I also need the layout so I don’t have to write tedious, annoying, long functions to get it right.

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There’s mouse scrolling on the UILayout so if the developer wants to, let’s say, make a shop using it for example. The developer wouldn’t want to make a custom system for scrolling through each page, that’s what the UILayout is for.