Option to remove the new forced VehicleSeat camera

The new vehicle camera system is proving to be quite difficult to live with, for myself and a very large handful of players in my community. The amount of negative reception I’ve received towards myself (people blaming me for it) is incredible. Everybody was so used to the previous camera and to push it without any notice just doesn’t seem right. There are some features which are amazing such as the automatic tilt when it detects incline changes, but the camera is way too slow and feels very drone-like and it doesn’t let you see behind when reversing or travelling backwards. Players sometimes use their right mouse button whilst driving so they can easily see the road and corners ahead, however you have to physically battle with this camera (it pretty much always wins) and centers back in the position that you didn’t ask for…

Here are some screenshots of this negative reception

Cameras3 Cameras1 Cameras4 Cameras2

I just haven’t been able to find anybody who asked for this, or anybody who complained about the old system, the old system was brilliant and I hope you all agree with me too…


I agree. This new camera is actually very disorienting for me as well. I have a headache after driving vehicles in my game for just a few minutes.

The new system also seems to center movement around the RootPart of the assembly (or the PrimaryPart…?). I don’t know. But instead of camera movement being centered around the seat or my character, it’s centered around the center of my boat. This behavior isn’t very noticeable in vehicles like cars, but on this RIB where the seat is at the edge, it looks weird.


I’d like control over which ‘mode’ it uses.


Couldn’t agree more. Apart from the camera having very rigid movement, it also has some pretty bad first-person jittering, although this may just be me.


I just don’t understand why it was added without warning, I’ve lost so many players on my game and my Discord feedback channel is just full of people asking me to change it back but I can’t :frowning:


Looks kinda like an “update” that appeared a couple years back but was found to be a mixup on Roblox’s end. Same result, camera was just panning back to center all the time. That one got taken down within a day I believe.
Maybe report it as a bug.

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I agree 100%. The new VehicleSeat camera has completely ruined the vehicles in my game. It’s extremely disorienting and jittery. This must have been enabled by accident.


I really hope it isn’t permanent!!

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Is it just in your games, or is it happening in all games you play?
I know last time it was in every game I (and others) played.

I’d put it in the bug reports, or Search to see if it’s already there.

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Somebody has kindly messaged me a solution I will quote it now:

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