Option to turn off bilinear filter on images

Currently, every image in the roblox engine has a bilinear filter put on it. This filter pretty much kills my ideas for 8-bit games, and the only way around this is to blow up the images to a size where the filter is just barely visible, which leads to longer downloading than what is needed.

Heres what I propose for image objects


All of my yes. It’s a real pain to not be able to make lower-res textures purely because they look awful when sized up.


It needs to be added especially for GUI objects.
My shop items look blurry even tho they’re more than twice the size of the imagebutton.

Also, this feature would be awesome! A real step from the roblox of 2009.


I recently bumped this thread with an explanation of why I want NN/constant interpolation (that’s what you’re asking for): Image resize interpolation option!

It didn’t get any attention unfortunately. D:

“Disabling” the bilinear interpolation doesn’t make much sense to me, I’d rather see a list of options to choose from with bilinear, constant, and possibly more.

PS: make sure to post feature requests / bug reports in the right subcategories.


This would be super useful, but it might make more sense as an enum.

- NearestNeighbor
- Bilinear (default)
- Bicubic
- Lanczos


What is the point of this filter anyway? It lowers the quality on a ton of my images, and has been a pain for so many reasons. Glad I know why this happens, I once spent hours because of this thinking it was somehow my fault.


I would love to have this feature added, it would make all the pixel art look much nicer.


If you’re using absolute sizes you can just upload your image at the same resolution you display it at and roblox won’t scale it at all.

I don’t like the idea of having to squint to see the game.
Also that’s for ScreenGuis. Decals, Textures, BillboardGuis, and SurfaceGuis are left in the water.


Honestly, this is a big issue when you’re not displaying the image at full or even half of the original size. I haven’t run into it much because I upload the image as a set size.

Additionally, if you want to make an 8-bit game, you could always make the Sprites on Roblox and insert them in a folder, would work nearly the same way. I know because I managed to make an very basic 8-bit 2D shooter with an animated character.

This really is not a good solution for this. That means you can only use the uploaded images in one size, you can’t do animations with them where they change in size slightly, and the fact that the clients need to work with N^2 times the amount of image space while they could have done it with just the original pixels on a smaller spritesheet. (Not to mention the hassle that you need to upload ~N^2 times more spritesheets as well)

Take a look at Stardew Valley for an example. It has huge pixel-art backgrounds and animates sprites for a lot of objects (they don’t stay the same size always), and they are also rotated often. I want to be able to put such an art style into a ROBLOX game, and you can only do that with constant interpolation or it will look really bad (or be really inefficient).

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My game is very decal-based, and this feature would make the images stand out way better!


What I’m saying is you can just upscale your imagine using nearest neighbor to the display resolution in your image editor.and then upload it.

I’m not saying that this is a cure-all to every image display problem on roblox. It’s just a technique I use almost every time I upload an image because it works for most applications. You guys are really blowing my suggestion out of proportion.

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The main issue is that you can’t scale something to be usable in 3D space because the amount of pixels for a 1x1x1 block will change based upon resolution. We do need something like ‘nearest neighbor’ scaling because it limits creativity greatly.

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My games textures are on 64x64, I have to upload them at 1024x1024 to be sharp.
Allow this.



This really needs to be a thing. Uploading huge images to get crisp sprites when it only needs to be 16x16 is a pain for everyone involved


I find just uploading a 1x1 image gets fairly blurry


Any update on this?


This is solved now for image objects: Release Notes for 490

But not yet for anything other than UI images.


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