Ore Tycoon 2 | Research & Achievements Update + PlantStudios 4 Year Anniversary Event Update Patch Notes

The long-awaited Research & Achievements Update is finally here, and it’s just in time with our Fourth Anniversary! The following are the Patch Notes for this SUPER HUGE update:


  • :birthday: IT’S THE PLANTSTUDIOS’S FOURTH ANNIVERSARY! Celebrate our Fourth Anniversary with us with five Event Achievements, including 3 new Gifts that can be received from players with the 3 new launchers!
    • :seedling: Join the PlantStudios Group and get a FREE Community Gift Launcher, or buy one from the Tycoon Bux Catalog for 4,444 Tycoon Bux!
    • Get the Moderator and Developer Gifts by buying the launchers from the Tycoon Bux Catalog or the Robux Shop! You can also get them by joining someone with the launchers, or from getting them directly from the PlantStudios Moderators, Developers, and Submitters!
      • :warning: Disclaimer: The Moderator and Developer Gift can only be obtained from the PlantStudios Moderators and Developers. You can’t get them from Roblox Admins, or from Developers of other games!
    • :tongue: In a pranking mood? Get the Fake Gift Launcher from the Tycoon Bux Catalog or the Robux Shop and launch fake PlantStudios Gifts!
    • :tshirt: Get our exclusive limited-edition PlantStudios Fourth Anniversary Shirts before they’re gone! Links can be found at the end of the Patch Notes.
    • Not to be confused with the Ore Tycoon 2 Birthday Event, which are celebrated every October!
  • :microscope: RESEARCH IS HERE! Donate your Refinery in the name of SCIENCE and get cool new NEOORBS in return, a new currency that can be exchanged for researching new Refinery Upgrades! Take note that your Refinery must first meet all the requirements set by the Research Committee and must have enough Tycoon Bux to do the Research!
    • Do you want to keep your Cash after Researching? Say no more! For 1,500 Robux, you can CHEAT RESEARCH! It does whatever a research can, except… it only takes *half* your cash!
    • Get SPECIAL SCIENCE ITEMS once every 5 researches, and for your first research as a gift from the Research Committee for your contributions to their research!
  • :wrench: Introducing REFINERY UPGRADES , an all-new mechanic which can be purchased using NeoOrbs from Researching!
    • Tired of slow, slow income caused by slow, slow conveyors? Research the NEW Conveyor Overdrive Upgrade and watch them go super sonic fast*! *at max upgrade level
    • Power up your Refinery Mines with the NEW Faster Drilling Upgrade! Using this new technology, make ALL of your mines drill ores UP TO 50% FASTER!
    • Ore Limit? Who CARES about Ore Limits? With the NEW Limit Disregard Upgrade , disregard the Ore Limit until 1000 Ores*! *at max level
    • Why should you only earn money when you’re here? Hire NEW Refinery Managers and earn precious $$$ even when you’re offline!
    • Earn even MORE money offline by applying for Tax Exemptions! (You must have at least Refinery Manager Level 1 for this to be effective.)
    • Store your Mechanical Upgrader’s charge with the NEW Mechanical Upgrader Battery Upgrade *! *Batteries not included
    • Charge your Mechanical Upgrader faster and for longer with the NEW Inverter Technology Upgrade! Each upgrade adds 1 second to each click!
    • You want Statistics? We got 'em! See your Cash Per Second stat with the NEW Accountant Upgrade!
    • Oh, you accidentally spent your NeoOrbs on something else? Did you regret buying an upgrade? For the right price (399 R$!) we’ll reset your upgrades and restore your NeoOrbs with the Refund Option!
      • We understand that not everyone can afford buying the Refund through Robux. Don’t worry, we’ll be adding an option to do Refunds with 50,000 Tycoon Bux soon!
  • :building_construction: Bring your money-making strats to a whole new level with the ROOFTOP EXPANSION , containing TEN NEW ORES, SEVEN NEW UPGRADERS, AND NEW DECORATIVE ITEMS! Unlocked at Level 5!
  • :desert_island: This island ain’t enough for the eight of us… so get a new island with the ISLAND EXPANSION! 18 NEW UNIQUE ORES, 6 NEW UPGRADERS, 2 NEW WEAPONS, AND AN ENTIRE NEW REFINERY! Unlocked at Level 10!
    • We’re aware that the Island looks weird in Solo Mode. We’ll do something about it in the future!
  • BRING IT. :trophy: ACHIEVEMENTS HAVE BEEN REVAMPED! This update comes with 30 NEW ACHIEVEMENTS! Achievements will now also give Tycoon Bux as a reward for completion!
    • Bronze, Gold, Diamond, and Ruby Achievements will give 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, and 25,000 Tycoon Bux, respectively.
    • Some Achievements, like Welcome!, Unexpected Encounter, achievements from redeeming codes, and the 4th Anniversary Event achievements will not give Tycoon Bux rewards.
    • The old Tycoon Master achievement has been retired and renamed to “Ancient Master” and will now have a red shade of color. This will override the new Tycoon Master rank.
    • A cool Victory sound will now also play when you get an achievement! :trumpet:
  • Is the Underground too hard? We get that a lot, so we added a new Excavator, the Heavy Malachite Excavator! Unlocked at Level 2! This can be located past the Malachite mines!
  • Added new labels to the Shop and Settings buttons! The shortcut is also there, so you won’t be able to forget which key to press!
  • Are you a VIP Member? Great news! VIP Members will now get a Star :star: tag on their Broadcasts and a bolder text broadcast! PlantStudios Moderators will also get a Shield :shield:!
  • The Tycoon Bux Icon and Weapon icon will now show on notifications for opening a Tycoon Bux Safe/Weapon Chest!
  • Added text shadows to the Cash indicator on Mobile devices.
  • The Inventory tabs are now labeled with icons!
  • The Premium Shop has been improved with new background icons representing each type of Premium Purchases!
  • Added a new weapon—the Knife! The Knife is a high-damage weapon that can only be obtained via Weapon Chests.
  • Added tons of new codes, like “ResearchNAchievements”! More codes will be released via Broadcasts and our Social Media pages!


  • New VIP Members will now get a 5,000 Tycoon Bux welcome bonus instead of 1,000!
  • Buffed Raygun’s firerate and ammo capacity
  • Renamed all “Expand your Tycoon” buttons to “Expand your Refinery”
  • Capped Wormhole Multiplier from none to x30
  • Nerfed Wormhole Multiplier
  • Wormhole Upgrader’s multiplier can now get reduced
  • Changed Furnace color & effects
  • The game will now show a different server leave message for players who switched to Solo mode!
  • Reduced max ore limit to 500 (without upgrades)
  • Moved position of Second Floor button to prevent getting stuck/flung when purchasing it
  • Changed Tycoon Master requirements to be more consistent and easier to understand


  • Equipped gears will now save!
    • A 3-second anti-spawn kill forcefield has been added if you have any gear equipped on spawn!
  • Switching tabs with shortcuts is now allowed when a tab is open!
  • The scrollbar now dynamically updates based on your screen size and number of items! No more dead space or cut-off icons in the Bux Catalog, Robux Shop, the Inventories, and Settings!
  • You are now able to switch between helmets and armor! [Switching from the Third Armor to a lower level armor is not supported]
  • The Inventory can now be quickly opened with the E key!
  • Introducing SOPSv3, the latest version of the Simulated Ore Physics System™ by PlantChampion. This version uses up to 300% less data! Hooray for less data usage!
  • Remastered the Tycoon Bux Icon!
  • Tired of having to unplug your gamepad everytime you play Ore Tycoon 2 but just want to use Keyboard+Mouse controls? No problem! You can now have your gamepad plugged in without the game forcing you to use the gamepad!
  • Improved Cash and Tycoon Bux balance UI scaling between screen sizes
  • The Ore Worth Indicator switch (VIP feature) can now be found in Game Settings!
  • Optimized Ore Limit indicator
  • Added more button sounds!
  • Improved Plant Train handling
  • The locations of the map barriers are now consistent
  • The ocean will now look endless!
  • Improved text/button shadows
  • The game will no longer show a leave message for kicked/banned players.
  • Updated FastCast version used in-game from 5.0.16 to 7.0.0, which should also fix some accuracy issues.
  • Radioactive Upgrader explosions of other players will no longer appear if you have Load Tycoons of other players disabled
  • Saving your settings now has a 5 second cooldown instead of 10 seconds!
  • Broadcast cooldown will now update for every second that passes
  • You will no longer need to rejoin in order to get the Tycoon Master badge

Tweaks & Fixes

  • Added rate limits to Ore Limits and Ore Filter client updates
  • Tweaked In-menu Tycoon Bux Balance indicator
  • Fixed Bluesteel, Viridian, Moonstone, Sunstone, Adurite, and Azurite mines floating
  • Fixed Tycoon Bux balance cutting off when you have too much Tycoon Bux or the screen is too narrow
  • Fixed In-menu Tycoon Bux balance overlapping with the Close button
  • Fixed being able to expand to Second Floor without purchasing the Malachite Mines
  • Fixed the edges of the Settings close button looking weird
  • Fixed issue where Ore Limit fluctuates when setting it too quickly
  • Fixed Ore Limit and Ore Filter not saving
  • Fixed visual issue where Mechanical Upgrader does not update its multiplier on screen until triggered again
  • Fixed visual issue where Ores Number on ore limit will not go down when Render Ores is disabled
  • Fixed part of Mechanical Upgrader being unanchored
  • Fixed water not covering up some parts of the ocean floor
  • Fixed spot on the ocean floor where you can fall off
  • Fixed theoretical issues with interfaces
  • Fixed small gap in Furnace
  • Fixed small gap in Third Floor
  • Fixed a bug with Ore Filter upon joining the game
  • Fixed Broadcast and Remember my Settings having an additional 1 second on its cooldown
  • Fixed wood grain in the refinery. WoodReviewer please spare Ore Tycoon 2 from your wrath.
  • Fixed bug where Iron Excavator stops working when you reach the Ore Limit while using it.
  • Fixed theoretical bug where Iron Excavator won’t work


  • Removed unused Events tab
  • Removed unused internal objects
  • Removed unused Radio from 2017

July 5 Update (190705b, 190705c) Patch Notes

  • Fixed Golden Speed Coil
  • Fixed floating unused mine
  • Fixed Mechanical Upgrader not updating its min/max to 0 when uncharged
  • Fixed Mechanical Upgrader saying “Charged for 0 seconds”

July 6 Update (190706a-190706f) Patch Notes

  • Fixed Playtime Achievements
  • Fixed typo in Tax Exemption description
  • Fixed gift launchers occasionally breaking
  • Fixed issue where you don’t get the Community Launcher back when you purchase it as a non-member and rejoin
  • Improved anti bot filter
  • Fixed issue where jetpacks will still eat up fuel if you unequip it while using
  • Jetpacks will now regenerate even while in inventory
  • Buffed Super Jetpack
  • Jetpack fuel will now only regenerate if you’re not using the Jetpack (Holding the jetpack while not using it will still regenerate the fuel)
  • Jetpacks will now refuel faster while equipped
  • Fixed Jetpack not starting at full fuel
  • More fixes to Playtime Achievements
  • Internal changes
  • Fixed unused launcher models floating on the sky
  • Fixed console players not being able to exit the Prizes screen
  • Internal changes

July 8 Update (190708a, 190708b) Patch Notes

  • Security patches
  • Internal changes
  • Fixed issue where players that played OT2 before the DataStore2 update and did not play again can get banned by the anti-cheat for equipping items

July 9 Update (190709a) Patch Notes

  • Equipping bundles will now force the player to unequip tools
  • Fixed issue where some interface tabs get cut off
  • Fixed Knife being able to be dropped
  • Updated the FAQ (Added new questions, removed a question, updated an answer)
  • Fixed a railing on the staircase to the Rooftop being noncollidable
  • Fixed unintended behavior where boxes can despawn randomly between 5 - 10 minutes instead of a constant of 10 minutes
  • Fixed unintended behavior where Ruby chests spawned by rains/storms have shorter lifespan
  • Fixed unintended behavior where safes have a lifespan of 6 minutes instead of 5 minutes
  • Added a tip above the blue shovel on the sand excavator to help players know that you need to click it to make sand
  • Island Forcefield size has been temporarily reduced to prevent issues with players that have islands next to each other
  • Increased Island ocean floor size so that you no longer die when you fall off the boat
  • Fixed Gurt floating out of nowhere in Solo Mode
  • Performance optimizations with the dock bucket

July 10 Update (190710a, 190710b) Patch Notes

  • Indicated the chances for each bag tier, in compliance with the new guidelines from Roblox
  • Made the button click sound for the Mechanical Upgrader quieter
  • Fixed the color list having two “Deep blue” values, resulting in an issue where players can be part of the same team color
  • Fixed Flare Gun

July 11 Update (190711a) Patch Notes

  • Fixed double achievement glitch
  • Fixed Ore Filter not functioning properly
  • Fixed destroyed ores still being processed by the furnace
  • Added a code that awards items from the 3rd Anniversary event. Redeem “PS3REDEEM”!

July 12 Update (190712a) Patch Notes

  • Disabled Broadcast System

July 13 Update (190713a, 190713b) Patch Notes

  • Broadcaster Tier is now a Diamond Achievement and will no longer award Tycoon Bux
  • Worn Accessories now save! No need to re-equip your Accessories everytime you die, and to reset when you want to unequip your Accessories!
  • Chat tags are now equippable!
  • Moderators now have a Shield :shield: before their name
  • Developers and Official Submitters now have a tag before their name (:tools:,:hammer:)
  • Added lights to Constreggtion Hat and Bag of Lost Memories
  • Potentially fixed upgrade-related error
  • Updated error catching
  • Game will now display “Buy with Robux” on buttons instead of old prices when the game fails to fetch Product/Game Pass price
  • “I Had To Do It, Or The Voices Wouldn’t Stop!” Achievement can no longer be earned in VIP Servers
  • Fixed issue with unequipping trails/particles that were equipped from the past session
  • Added a thumbnail to Banhammer in-game item
  • Added a Chat Tag that is obtainable for being the first one to redeem a Special Code
  • Fixed issue where players who join a server with PlantStudios Moderators/Developers do not get the Unexpected Encounter badge
  • Internal changes

July 15 Update (190715a) Patch Notes

  • Your Level can now be seen in the Research Tab!
  • Tycoons have been moved apart to prevent problems with the Island Expansion and Rooftop-hopping
  • Reduced Island Forcefield size
  • Banhammers will now always be considered as a weapon
  • Nerfed Banhammer
  • Tweaked Cosmic Mine model
  • Updated Banhammer description to not confuse players that get it for the first time
  • Boxes are now more random and will use a new Random instance for every 50th-80th boxes opened
  • Moved rocks and trees that may block the Plant Train spawn
  • Map tweaks
  • Fixed a floating tree
  • Patched wall no-clip hack with tools
  • Removed Roblox Gear from the game. Some of the gear can still be found in Weapon Chests.
  • Fixed bug where Tycoon Masters do not get awarded their Chat Tag. If you got the TM Achievement before this update, the tag will be retroactively given to you in new servers without needing to redeem a code.
  • Added more requirements for the “I Had To Do It, Or The Voices Wouldn’t Stop!” secret achievement
  • Fixed visual bug with Bag Protector helmet
  • Removed duplicate paths
  • Fixed issue where you can equip accessories while being cloaked
  • Fixed issue where the client can’t interpret the status code for unable to unequip items for being cloaked, resulting in a client issue where the Equip/Unequip status becomes inconsistent between the client and server

Update 190716a

  • Fixed Protector of the Bagverse Armor head orientation
  • Fixed tree obstructing the buttons
  • All accessories and tools are now massless and will not collide with anything

Update 190716b

  • Fixed a critical bug in the few new servers that caused settings to break and ores to not appear
  • Fixed Plant Train not colliding with the ground

Update 190718a

  • Fixed Bagverse Protector’s Armor head orientation

Update 190723a

  • Potentially fixed a data saving issue
  • Updated DataStore2 used by the game to the latest version
  • Disconnected the Broadcast System
  • Subtle fixes to symmetry in Research UI

Update 190723b

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 190723a that breaks some client-side stuff
  • Fixed an error with the Gift Wrapper
  • Changed ZIndexes of the research warnings

Update 190724a

  • Fixed a theoretical issue with saving

Update 190803a

  • Updated the Featured Page
  • Ore Tycoon 2 is now using the NEW RTHRO TECHNOLOGY!

Update 190803b

  • Fixed featured page background color

Update 190803c

  • Plant Train owners can now buy the Plant Train for free
  • The Plant Train can now be purchased for 1,500 Robux!
  • Buffed Super Jetpack
  • Fixed Level 3 armor giver only working once
  • Fixed floating Rooftop & Island items
  • Fixed more floating trees
  • Moved anything that may obstruct the Plant Train spawn
  • The game will now save any force-bought items
  • The 50k Tycoon Bux A-Pose and 100k Tycoon Bux Plant Train promo has ended.
  • Fixed bug where purchasing 100k Tycoon Bux gives you a Golden Speed Coil (an old promo)
  • Fixed issue where the 100K T$ and VIP purchase buttons do not follow the “Buy with Robux” format when MarketplaceService fails to fetch the price
  • Fixed Plant Train being more quirky than intended
  • Reverted change where Plant Train’s quirkiness was reduced. Now it’s quirky again!
  • Added partial support for the Filipino and Dutch, Flemish languages. More languages coming soon!

Update 190803d

  • VIP Ore Worth indicator will no longer autolocalize

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