Ore Tycoon 2 | The 50M Neon Party Update


The long-awaited 50M Visits Event is finally here! Hop on in and join the party by collecting all of the available 50M Neon Party event items in both the Catalog and the Mystery Bags!
This update brings new features, QoL improvements, and bug fixes.

The 50M Neon Party Update Patch Notes


  • :tada:THE PARTY HAS FINALLY BEGUN! Collect all 11 limited-edition 50M Neon Party items from both the Catalog and Mystery Bags, available in celebration of the 50M Visits Milestone.
    • In celebrating this (admittedly long-overdue) occasion, we don’t want to leave new / free-to-play / casual players with no keepsakes. Come and visit the Catalog and get your 50M Neon Party chat badge, and redeem the code 50MParty for 1,000 Tycoon Bux! No worries, these are on the house!
    • New Catalog Items:
      • 50M Neon Party Chat Badge
      • Neon Party Lapel Pin
      • Neon Chat Tag
    • New Rare-tier Mystery Bag Items:
      • Neon Station
      • Purple Radium Mine
      • Neon Party Amethyst Mine
    • New Legendary-tier Mystery Bag Items:
      • Neon Cannon
      • Neon Party Tophat
      • Neonnical Upgrader
    • New Mythical: Neoncrystal Mine
      • In the future, crystals will be a e s t h e t i c a l l y generated. I’ve seen the future, Bob! This item is a skin for the Crystal Mine.
    • New Mythical: Neon Fighter Armor
      • Your regular iron set won’t do! Throw it away and wear the Neon Fighter Armor set instead and make this night glow! This item is a skin for the Level 3 Armor Set.
    • New xMythical: 50M Neon Partyrocker
      • I bring the neon and you bring the party! The 50M Neon Partyrocker is complete with the party speakers, (fake and safe) party fire, and neon signboards—all the neon party essentials! This item is a skin for the Darkmatter Mine of the Third Floor expansion (unlocked at Level 3).
    • Dev Note: I know that with more than half of the 50M Neon Party event items being skins, many people will want an option to equip and unequip these skins. Please be informed that this feature will come in a future update. Initially, it was supposed to be added in this update, but due to unexpected technical difficulties with adding the feature, it has been delayed. For the meantime, the only way to apply skins to already-purchased refinery items is to rejoin, and there is no way to unequip skins. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.
  • :1st_place_medal: At long last, it’s finally here! Make your achievement hunting 1000 times easier with the new Achievement List!
    • Featuring a search function and a toggleable filter to only show achievements required for the Tycoon Master achievement!
    • The Achievement List can be found in the Settings > Gameplay screen.
  • :nerd_face: Added a new tech tip for Ore Worth Filter

Changes & Improvements

  • Significantly reduced Tycoon Bux requirements for Researching
    • Dev Note: Tycoon Bux requirements were added in the Research N’ Achievements update to prevent players from maxing out to the max level quickly before we release the upcoming expansions. It was never intended to be a permanent requirement. Since then, there have been changes with Tycoon Bux and the codes that now give significantly less of this currency. Apart from that, we’ve added a “Reset Tycoon Data” option which allows maxed-out players to start again for an achievement and Tycoon Bux. Because of these, and because Tycoon Bux is supposed to be a premium currency, we’ve decided to further reduce Tycoon Bux requirements for researching. In the future when more or all expansions are finally out, there will no longer be Tycoon Bux requirements.
  • Major UI improvements / changes
    • Game now uses the Robux and Tycoon Bux icons instead of “Robux”, “R$”, “Tycoon Bux”, and “T$”
    • Text size is now more consistent across UI screens and screen sizes
    • If the item name is too long, it will now go on two or more lines while retaining the same text size
    • If the item description is too long, it will now allow you to scroll through the description with the same text size instead of making the text size smaller and cutting it off with an ellipsis.
    • You will now be redirected to the Tycoon Bux shop if you try to purchase bags while having insufficient Tycoon Bux
    • Tweaked tooltip
    • Premium Screen
      • The Premium screen has been made More Beautiful™!
      • The shirt icons now have less file size for faster loading and less storage use
    • Settings
      • Feedback Screen is now located in the Gameplay screen
      • There is now a minimum requirement of 1h play time in order to send feedbacks.
      • Interface Size setting now uses a slider
      • Improved Settings screen design / colors
    • Research
      • Improved Research screen design / colors
      • Research buttons are now hidden and replaced with a label saying that you need to complete the requirements if you cannot research
      • The Refinery Upgrade Shop is now locked if you are on Level 1
      • Research requirements now have “X” and checkmark icons before them to indicate whether they are fulfilled or not instead of relying solely on colors
        • This step was made in order to make the game more colorblind-friendly. If there are other sections of the game that aren’t colorblind-friendly, please let us know via the Feedback System!
    • Tweaked bag opening animation design
    • Improved dropdown lists
    • Renamed the title bar of “Ore Tycoon 2 Menu” to “Shop & Inventory” to be consistent and accurate
  • Gamepad improvements
    • You can now switch between tabs on Shop & Inventory screen by pressing L1 / R1
    • You can no longer equip items while a screen is active
    • You can now close the active screen with the B Button even if you have a weapon equipped on your hand
  • Improved loading of data
  • Reduced web API calls
  • Reduced button click sound volume
    • In the future, this will be changeable in Audio settings.
  • Updated some tips to be more clear / accurate
  • You can no longer go inside the Industrial Refiner upgrade. Now please stop getting stuck inside it
  • You can no longer get the same game tip twice in a row
  • The search functions for Inventory and Catalog will now also look for matches in the item description
  • Added a .1 second cooldown between opening bags. Please do not hurt me.
  • Nerfed Snowy Gravity Coil


  • Fixed OmegaGuy2000 Bloxikin texture
  • Fixed tons of UI issues encountered when using a gamepad
  • Other changes and bug fixes that I forgot about because I’ve been working on this update every now and then for the past 3 months


  • Removed bloxikin capsule 50% 5-year anniversary discount
  • Removed Summer items from Mystery Bags and Catalog
  • Removed Summer Event, More Beautiful Update, and 5th Anniversary Event codes. Instead, here’s a limited-code for reading through the entire changelog: 50mneonpatchnotes for 1k Tycoon Bux for the first 30. Gooood luck!

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Update 111520b

  • Fixed achievement progress bar appearing on owned achievements
  • Fixed iron excavator breaking for players who own the Classic Dropper skin from Bag Hunt 2019

Update 111520c

  • Disabled Solo Mode
    • Dev Note: We understand that many players want or need to use Solo Mode. Please understand that disabling the mode is necessary as the new update accidentally broke Solo Mode for mysterious reasons. While we investigate and find a fix for the issue, please check out our free Private Servers: https://twitter.com/PlantStudiosRBX/status/1202109056355201024
      We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 111620a

  • Solo Mode is now reenabled! Cheers :partying_face:
  • Fixed Snowy Gravity Coil
  • Dev Note: We are aware of the issue where the Achievements List does not display your achievements correctly. This is a visual bug and rest assured that we are working to find out the cause and fix the issue.
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Black Friday Update

  • The Ore Tycoon 2 Black Friday 2020 sale is HERE! Check out the Tycoon Bux Catalog for Black Friday-exclusive deals, returning items, and huge discounts!
    • NEW Black Friday-exclusive items have arrived the Catalog!
      • Golden Whale chat badge
      • Nothing
    • The following items can be obtained during the Black Friday Sale from Bags! All of the following items have the rarity of xMythicals.
      • OOF Bag
      • Darkheart
      • 25M Diamond Excavator
      • Glitched Pack
    • The following items are DISCOUNTED in the Catalog for the Black Friday Sale!
      • Greatsword (50% OFF)
      • Illumina (30% OFF)
      • T-Pose Emote (75% OFF)
      • Rapidfire Shocker (75% OFF)
      • Bloxiade (10% OFF)
      • EPIC SAUCE (80% OFF)
      • Teddy Bloxpin (40% OFF)
      • Atomic Disintegrator (50% OFF)
    • The following items are temporarily available again in the Catalog for the Black Friday Sale!
      • Shopper Tag [Black Friday exclusive]
      • Blizzard Blade
      • Anansi’s Fang
      • Halloween Ray Gun
      • Bag Sign
      • Shadow Katana
      • Shadow Bow
      • Candycane Bow
      • Shadow Dancer
    • NEW codes, such as this one! Redeem the code BF2020 for 5000 Tycoon Bux, first 2,020 redeemers only!
  • Added new “Featured” sort option for the Catalog
  • Achievements for having more or equal to a specific number of Tycoon Bux have been retired. They are also no longer required for Tycoon Master.
  • Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 5th Anniversary. Bloxikins of previous staff members are no longer obtainable.
  • Updated the super secret staff room. Please do not tell anybody.

Don’t forget to redeem the code BLACKFRIDAY to get 1,500 Tycoon Bux!

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Update 201201a

  • The Black Friday sale has ended. We hope that you got a few things from the sale!
  • Fixed droppable gear
  • Winter has arrived in Ore Tycoon 2! Though the cold temperature is freezing some of the drinks for the 50M Neon Party, it isn’t enough to stop the music. However, the party is ending soon, so be sure to get all the 50M Neon Party items you haven’t gotten yet before everyone gets partied out!

Dev Note: We are aware of the inaccuracies of the Achievements List. Unfortunately due to time constraints we are unable to provide a fix yet. Please be reassured that these are visual bugs.

Please redeem the code Winter2020 for 750 Tycoon Bux.

Update 201205a

  • Fixed achievements list not showing obtained achievements correctly
  • Fixed Interface Size not applying correctly upon joining the game
  • Full LOD is now the default for Console / PC

New servers only.