Ore Tycoon 2 | The More Beautiful Update

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This post includes the patch notes for Ore Tycoon 2’s The More Beautiful Update, and will also include all non-major update patch notes afterwards.


Ore Tycoon 2’s More Beautiful Update truly is more beautiful than The Beautiful Update by continuing the series of long-awaited and overdue quality-of-life and user experience improvements that the latter has started!

This update brings new features and further redesigns to the table, such as the Loading Screen, the Notifications, and the Item Search/Sort/Filter.

The More Beautiful Update Patch Notes


  • :sun_with_face: Summer is here with the new Summer items in both the Catalog and the Mystery Bags!
    • Tons of new Summer-themed items have been added to both the Catalog and Mystery Bags, with some being exclusive to one!
    • A new Rentable item has been added: the Speed Coil!
  • :computer:New Loading Screen for your eyes! Never has slow internet become so satisfying.
  • :bell: Introducing the ALL-NEW Notifications! You’ll now be notified through this feature if you’ve met the requirements for Researching, if you just unlocked a not-so-obvious item to purchase in your Refinery, if you need a certain item or level to purchase the next refinery item, if you’ve just obtained an achievement, or if there’s a very important Global System Message!
    • Don’t want to be notified about tips? You can disable them by disabling Game Tips from the settings.
  • :mag_right:Find your favorite items instantly with the all-new Search / Sort / Filter features!
    • Looking for your ultra-amazingly-epic Banhammer? With the new Item Search feature, you can find and equip your favorite items faster than you can say the words “plant plz release Bag Hunt 2020 now”!
    • Sort your items with the new Item Sorting! Want to sort your items alphabetically, or by the date it was added in-game? No problem! The Inventory Sorting feature got you covered. :wink:
    • Filter your items based on their equip status or other attributes with the new Item Filter.
    • The best part? This feature is now LIVE for both the Catalog and the Inventory! :partying_face:
  • :microscope: Added a new Science Item: The Metal Deoxidizer! Using new technology, the metal polisher now both polishes AND deoxidizes all ores that pass through it, resulting in higher cash value.
  • :lipstick: More items receive a nice facelift from the Official Submitters!
    • The Turquoise and Amethyst Mines have been revamped by KanoZ
    • The Sunstone Mine has been remade by yugum2009 and veerakorn884
  • :sailboat:Seamless Island transitions!
  • :desert_island:Go Solo Mode instantly upon joining servers with the new “Remember my choice” option for Solo Mode! With this new option selected, you’ll no longer need to press a lot of buttons every time you play Ore Tycoon 2 just to go Solo.
  • :woman_technologist:As always, new codes have been added! Redeem the code “BeautifulUpdate2” for 750 Tycoon Bux.
    • :ear:We hear you—joe code now added. This is not a drill. Redeem the code “joe” to get a limited-edition joe-themed item! Only 1337 copies were made, so be quick!
  • Added global broadcast muting for Moderators

Changes & Improvements

  • :heart_eyes: The Interface Revamps continue in The More Beautiful Update! You LOVE to see it.
    • The Inventory and Catalog screens have been heavily revamped!
    • The Item Names for icons have been replaced with Tooltips! They’re wayyyy prettier and cooler.
    • Changed a lot of icons and images used in-game to match the style of other icons!
    • Changed the Research & Settings color schemes
    • Changed a few settings designs
    • Shadows of the left side buttons are now darker shades of the button color instead of gray
    • Shop Interface will no longer appear upon joining
    • Pressing Enter key on the code box will now redeem the code
    • Chat now uses Gotham font for font consistency
    • Redesigned the Research icons
      • Level and Price are now separated into two lines
      • “LVL” text now back
      • New color scheme
      • Removed the upgrade names from the icons
    • Cheat Research & First Research prompts now use Gotham
    • Tooltips will now appear when you hover on Catalog/Inventory icons!
    • The purchase button will now say “RENT” instead of “PURCHASE” for Rentable items.
    • Purchased items in the catalog will no longer go to the bottommost part
    • Rent Items and Cash Boosts now go on the bottommost part of the Catalog
    • Featured screen now consistent with its button color
    • Circle transition screen now slightly shorter
  • Improved sword slash/lunge animation!
  • You will now spawn on the Island Refinery again upon joining if you own the Island Expansion
  • Your Mechanical upgrader charge will now be saved regardless of battery upgrade level
    • Upon joining, your mech upgrade charge will be determined by the upgrader’s charge before you left, how long it has been since you left the game, and your battery upgrade level. If you had a charge of 3 hours and left for 3 hours before coming back, but your battery level is Level 1 (30 minutes max charge), the charge of your upgrader will be 30 minutes. If you had a charge of 1 hour, left for 5 minutes, and have a battery level of Level 1, your upgrader charge will be 55 minutes.
    • This means that your mechanical upgrader charge will now save even if PlantChampion just randomly decides to restart every server in existence. Hooray! (Not for the restart that launches this update though! Sad)
    • Researching will now reset your mechanical upgrader charge to 0 regardless of battery upgrade level
  • Ore Worth Filter maximum suffix raised to DD
  • The Snowy Gravity Coil (and all other gravity coils) now have their pre-Beautiful Update Gravity Reduction effect instead of a plain jump boost effect again. You’re welcome.
  • The 10K SEEDLINGS AWESOMENESS!, 1K, 5M VISITS! Achievement, 2018 Holidays OOPSIE!, 100K FAVORITES!, 1.12 Premium Access Plaques; and the Silver Play Button have all been turned into Chat Tags!
  • Game will now omit newlines in Broadcasts
  • Game will now omit starting and trailing spaces in Feedbacks and Broadcasts
  • Teams are now assigned upon joining instead of upon loading the Refinery. This means that the team color will no longer be refreshed when you Research.
  • Made Island Boat teleporter hitbox bigger
  • Changed 25M Sparkles particle/trail behavior


  • Fixed Plant Train description and icon
  • Fixed Teddy Bloxpin item still using its gift icon
  • Fixed user being able to “send” feedback with only spaces
  • Fixed Third Ore Cleaner floating
  • Fixed ugly artifacts appearing on rounded corners for large/small devices
  • Fixed Niobium button being slightly obstructed by the mine
  • Fixed mobile scaling
  • Fixed Level of Detail feature breaking for non-first players in the server
  • Fixed Opal and Garnet mine clipping with each other
  • Made the two solid bushes that everyone hates into unsolid bushes like all bushes should be
  • Fixed infinite loop logic error with switch objects
  • Fixed Ore Worth Filter
  • Fixed retroactive achievement awarding giving Tycoon Bux rewards with the old reward rate
  • Rewrote achievements in preparation for the Achievements List feature! :eyes:
    • Not-so-Fun fact: it was supposed to come in this update, but I lacked time!
  • Fixed Regular and Golden bags actually costing 500 and 2000T$ instead of the intended and advertised 750 and 3000 T$
  • Fixed the patch notes’ lack of exclusive code: redeem morebeautifulpatchnotes for 3kT$, first 30 only
  • Fixed ugly main menu interface artifact
  • Fixed rounded corner radii on some menu elements
  • Fixed the Umbrella gear
  • Fixed Anansi’s Fang burn status effect not respecting Cold status effect from cold weapons
  • Fixed feedback and bug reports being categorized incorrectly
  • Fixed island refinery having unanchored parts


  • Nerfed Fang of Anansi
  • Mystery Bag item tier changes


  • Many items have been taken out of the Mystery Bags, including the Spring x/Mythicals.
  • Removed some interface shadows
  • Removed item names from icons
  • Removed two floating trees because it was easier to remove them than to fix them
  • Removed section in Teddy Bloxpin description that says it’s from the Cute Gift of 12 Days of BOOPSmas

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Check out previous major update’s patch notes:


Week 27 Updates

Update 070620a

  • Reduced Speed Coil rent price to 350 from 500
  • Solarian Blade and the regular sword no longer has laser disintegration death effect
  • Fixed umbrella sword having bagverse lance death effect
  • Fixed lemonade erroring
  • Fixed Beach Bops and Ice Cream being Lemonade
  • Fixed chat cosmetics not loading
  • Fixed rent button saying “PURCHASE” when you click it while on a rent item
  • Fixed an error when a player dies and leaves the game before respawning
  • Minor internal change
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Week 31 Updates

The 5th Anniversary Mini-Event Update (072920a)

  • Hey guys! Unfortunately due to technical roadblocks and time constraints, we’ve decided to cancel the huge PlantStudios 5th Anniversary Event Update that was supposed to come out this year.
  • Introducing… by popular demand… the Bloxikin Capsule! Containing one of the 15 PlantStudios Staff Bloxikins!
    • In celebration of our 5th Anniversary, we’re slashing the price by HALF for the next two weeks! Hooray! Don’t thank us; thank YOU for supporting us for the past 5 years! :heart::heart::heart:
  • Fixed Tycoon Master achievement
    • If you were supposed to get the Tycoon Master achievement already but you still haven’t, the game will automatically award you the achievement upon joining.
  • The game will no longer check for your ownership of the “bag hunt tester”, “Top 10 Hunters”, “Top 50 Hunters”, “Top 250 Hunters”, “Bagverse Refiner”, “Bag Collector”, “3 Year Anniversary Event - Gold”, and “3 Year Anniversary Event - Silver” badges and award the prizes.
  • If you got the Broadcaster Achievement while the Roblox badge was disabled, the game will now award you the badge
  • Text will now properly truncate for Inventory item description
  • Awesome Kid chat tag is no longer automatically awarded to mid and high-ranked PlantStudios Members
  • Fixed Solo Mode
  • Fixed Beach Ball accessories growing in height when you wear an in-game bundle
  • Fixed unboxing screen still using Cartoon font instead of Gotham
  • Fixed achievements that aren’t supposed to reward Tycoon Bux rewarding Tycoon Bux
  • Fixed Celestial Mine floating slightly
  • Fixed inventory items not being sorted upon loading
  • Fixed new inventory items not being sorted
  • Internal code optimizations
  • Internal changes

Update 072920b

  • Tycoon Master has finally been fixed-fixed. New servers only. (Best way to get a new server is by joining an empty Private Server or going Solo Mode!)