Original Style Backrooms Game Name[SOLVED]

Hi there! I’m currently working on a Backrooms inspired game, but I need a good name. I know The Backrooms games are unoriginal but I have a devlog explaining how I intend to make mine original. Does anybody have any good ideas? I’ve tried a couple of things but they have kind of been taken.

Such as

Agoraphobia (Fear of not escaping)

Liminal Levels

and others that don’t fit what I’m going for.

My backrooms game is randomly generated so I tried to do the fear of Randomness but it was marked as inappropriate.

Any ideas are appreciated! Thank you!


Honestly, I just looked up synonyms for those words. I came up with “subtle fear”, lol. The backrooms seems like a place that isnt necessarily scary, just off-putting.

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It’s off-putting yes. Until the monsters come chasing you. Thanks for helping though!

only one i thought of is No Way Out

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If you’re going to remake an unoriginal idea that was used thousands of times, I suggest you to make it revolutionary.

For example, don’t use the default yellow walls anymore, preferably not something like moss brick walls either, you could try to make it look like a mineshaft, a floor in a skyscraper, a spaceship, or even a WHOLE automatically generated town!

Gameplay could also be changed, if there’s enough space you could also make it a bit PvE.


Did you check out my devlog? I am going to make these unique places like you said. Just the first level is yellow walls. The next level is going to be a nice hedge maze…Until the monster sees you and it becomes all distorted! I have plans to make this a unique game. I just need to show it with the title! My devlog tells you what I plan to add.


I really do have a lot of ideas for this game. One level is going to be dark roads, with streetlights. And theres an entity that yells at you to stop!! Little do you know it’s trying to help as there’s another entity coming right for you! I was thinking of having a poolroom type level but with some unique entity. Don’t worry I’m not just a cashgrab developer.

Oh sorry I haven’t! It’s not in the topic anyways,
I wouldn’t suggest you making your first level the default one though, it’ll give a bad first impression.

They do still sound a little bit too simple, but good luck anyways


Yeah I can see that, once I get a couple levels going I’m going to add a main menu and modes and other things and I can always mix then around a bit. If someone new plays the game though they’re going to see that there are other levels. I plan to have almost like a level select system. I also don’t think I mentioned that the main gimmick is that every level is randomly generated, so it’s different every time. Sorry if I came off as short or rude. I really appreciate your feedback!

Edit: Also I know the levels sound simple but they’re going to have some sort of escape gimmick/puzzle as well.

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Hopefully you won’t just make a walking simulator, add some actual gameplay and survival mechanics if that’s what you’re going for.

As for names, I’m not very creative. I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head, but I’ll tell you if I get any ideas.
Good luck in your game.

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Like I said in posts above. I am not a dull developer. I really want to make a fun game! I am open to constructive criticism if you’ve played it.

Here’s a link to my devlog which has a link to my game. It’s work in progress right now.

Good to hear. I hope this game turns out well.

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I have a name idea! Elevated Insanity! The theme is backrooms but to move to new levels you have to take elevators. Thanks for everybody’s help!

I don’t need anymore replies. I would prefer if this post be “Closed”. Thank you!

I saw this and just had to correct you (sorry). Agoraphobia is fear of crowded places and honestly, giving it a -phobia name isn’t very original anyway. If you really want a -phobia name I would suggest Autophobia (Fear of being alone) and make the game 1 player.

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Thanks for your input! I have already found a name and it is Elevated Insanity! Due to needing elevators to no-clip through other levels The game is already one player if it ever has multiplayer it would be WAY down the line. Also yeah about the phobia thing I definitely agree with it being unoriginal thanks!

P.S. About you correcting me, You’re fine! I appreciate corrections and criticism as it steers me on the right track as long as it is constructive and helpful not spiteful, so you’re fine! Thanks

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Maybe something like “Monophobia” or “Lost from Reality” would be good


I really appreciate the help but I’ve already found a name. Thank you!