OriginalHipHeight value for automatic character scaling

As a developer, it is currently impossible to use humanoid scaling with custom avatars that Roblox cannot calculate the HipHeight of.

Currently, Humanoids use some internal logic to guess what HipHeight should be, but this can set HipHeight to wildly incorrect values on certain custom characters. For instance, the calculated HipHeight of the below avatar is -1:

Note that critical parts are in an invisible subrig off of the rootpart, ie. Head, UpperTorso.
The actual rig is rigged off of the rootpart parallel to the critical subrig. This causes no problems.

(The character zooms away because of another bug)

In my case, I want to use automatic scaling to resize the above avatar according to its age. Automatic scaling works fine, but Humanoids keep resetting HipHeight to something completely wrong when the character scale changes. (with this character I have a HumanoidRootPart that is normally 2 studs tall and an expected HipHeight of 1, but automatic scaling sets HipHeight to -1 for some reason when I adjust any of the scaling values.)

It’s not possible for Roblox to correctly guess HipHeight for all possible custom characters, so I should be able to manually specify the original HipHeight at BodyHeightScale = 1 (preferably via an OriginalHipHeight NumberValue, similar to the OriginalSize/OriginalPosition values that autoscaling currently uses) so it can be rescaled appropriately.


I had this issue as well. You have to tweak RootRigAttachment IIRC.

Basically for my PseudoR6 rig it would be (0, -2, 0).

But yeah, please make this a feature. I had a lot of trouble before I resorted to RootRigAttachment.

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I recently came across this issue today. Having the hip height unexpectedly resort to -1 really threw me off for a while. An OriginalHipHeight value under the humanoid would be very beneficial to utilize with automatic rig scaling, since there’s original size values under parts as well.

I want players to be able to resize their characters but I cannot have that without this feature because I cannot seem to find a way to tell Roblox how to calculate the hipheight of my characters. Setting a RootRigAttachment does not seem to help. There is NO documentation whatsoever for BodyDepthScale, BodyHeightScale, etc. I do not want to have to continuously re-set the scale values every time Roblox sets them wrong.

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