OSVR & Leap Motion compatibility

I am looking into getting a VR for my PC, and wondering if Roblox supports OS VR (Open Source Virtual Reality), and along with that, the Leap Motion hand detection VR.

If leap motion isn’t supported by roblox, at least could this become a thing? I think having another engine support it would be a good thing, as apperently only unity and unreal support it.


Leap Motion


I am not sure if OSVR is able to compete with OpenVR/SteamVR at this point. If you are looking for a headset that works for a lower price and acceptable tracking, you may want to look into the Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets on Amazon with the SteamVR driver.


I have leap motion, it’s pretty useless. I feel like its a wasted opportunity because its so expensive. More VR companies should adapt it into their systems too.