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Otham’s Kingdom Departments :crossed_swords:

Members of the High Rank Team who hold the rank of Protector+ will receive the choice of being apart of either the Human Resources Department or the Public Relations Department. There are two other departments however these are private: Development Department & Media Department.

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Department Structure

(Lead Protector) Director x1
(Lead Protector) Assistant Director x2
(Protector) Department Staff inf.

Human Resources Department

Overseer lb00403
Director CameronBoyceLoveYou1
Assistant Director jackiedog101
Department Staff afterIies & nacreous_rolltide

Public Relations Department

Overseer CameronT05092002 & iron_mbm
Director CameronT05092002
Assistant Director iron_mbm
Department Staff startriotss

Development Department

Head Builder otham1
Head Scripter kee_gs
Assistant acloudiix
Developers bloorains, yoJubin23 & CameronT05092002
Contractors (not included)

Media Department

Overseer yoJubin23
Director hyl_ls
Department Staff megashinydiamond123 & GameeFang

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