Otham's Kingdom | Handbook

Welcome to Otham’s Kingdom! :crossed_swords:

Otham’s Kingdom is a progressive, XP earning game where players start from the lowest rank in the kingdom and work their way up to some of the highest ranks offered such as Guard and Protector.

Roblox Group
Main Game [to be released]
Group Development

Rank Information
Rank Level Hours XP
Low Rank
Recruit Low Rank 0 0
Receptionist Low Rank 2 3600
Guider Low Rank 4 18000
Café Worker Low Rank 6 39600
Middle Rank
Book Keeper Middle Rank 8 68400
Security Middle Rank 10 104400
Cook Middle Rank 12 147600
Trainer Middle Rank 14 198000
Upper Rank
Ranker Upper Rank 16 262800
Manager Upper Rank 18 327600
Event Hoster Upper Rank 20 399600
High Rank
Guard High Rank - Promotion through activity
Knight High Rank - Promotion through leadership
Assistant High Rank - Promotion through activity and leadership
Protector Leadership - Promotion through leadership promotions
Lead Protector Leadership - Promotion through leadership promotions
King’s Family Leadership - Unobtainable
King Leadership - Unobtainable
Rank Guides
  1. Receptionist

  2. Guider

  3. Café Worker

  4. Book Keeper

  5. Security

  6. Cook

  7. Trainer

  8. Ranker

  9. Manager

  10. Event Hoster

Guard Promotion Guide
Kingdom Houses

Upon joining the Kingdom for the first time, you will be prompted to pick a House. This house will be your team for the rest of your journey at Otham’s Kingdom. Being in a house allows you to compete at events, earning points for your team. At the end of the month the team with the highest points will receive an XP boost. Additionally you will get access to a special AFK room based on your house!

Red Dragonnest
Think, Feel, Breathe. The fierce dragons!

Blue Nightingale
Saw the sky as a Blue Nightingale!

Yellow Otterstone
Otterstone reaching for the stars. Go! Go! Go!

Purple Sparrow
Sparrows look great when they fly high!