Other post reactions like on Discourse Try

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to give other reactions on posts and replies.

On try.discourse.com, you can do this.

On the DevForum, hovering over a like button does nothing. You can only simply heart (or like) a post.

There could also be more emoji there, removing the need for a dislike button, which I previously suggested.

Use Cases:

  • Reducing replies
  • Reducing spam
  • More Expressions
  • Less flags (bc of char limit bypassing, reduces load on DET)
  • Likes are inconclusive! Example: Somebody says “You put the script in Workspace, right”? You have no option but to write a 30 [karacter] (char acter is blocked) response, than can be minimized down to a :+1: reaction. Somebody asked me a question, and I just hearted it and they didn’t respond until I wrote an annoyingly long response that could have just been a :+1: instead.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I would be able to give better feedback with liking posts.

For anybody wondering, more about the plugin + install for your own forum can be found here


Likes are the only necessary reaction, I doubt that other emojis would get any more important point across.

If a like isn’t enough, you can always write a reply (with emojis).

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Reactions weren’t “pointlessly removed” by Roblox, they don’t ship by default. Also, the other five reactions are easily encompassed by the heart. That’s why meme posts get so many likes.


Most of the time, when you dxo that,

  • You get flagged for bypassing the character limit
  • “Feedback - Like instead of reply”
  • “Omgg!! tell me how you didn’t use 30 kharacters pleaseeeee!!”

(it actually looks like Roblox is trying to solve this - thanks!)

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The point of this is to remove the need to reply with an emoji or “Oh, haha! That’s super funny actually” or something like that, then getting a feedback, “like instead of reply” you can just add a laughing emoji

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One shouldn’t need to reply if a Like alone is necessary, going back to my point that Likes are already sufficient. Maybe they’re not as showy as emoji reactions, but they’re enough.

So just like it. A like is enough. You don’t need to reply. I also highly doubt you are often finding funny posts to the point where you need this feature? Based on your post history, you seem to be really keen on treating the dev forum like some secondary discord server, then complain about getting moderated for doing so, despite being against the rules (aka, the ones you implicitly agree to by using the forum).


Has been suggested many times. One of the reasons why it’s not here is as incapaz said, the simple heart says enough and if you want to express yourself more, you can just comment on the post. The forum isn’t a social media. You can go to Facebook if you wish to have a feature like that :slight_smile:

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It’s because most of them have been closed due to people having a severe reaction to being told no.

Once again, the heart is enough for what you want to do and if not, comment on the post as long as it’s on par with the forum rules.

I support this.

What I don’t fully understand with the “this isn’t social media” argument is “what relevance does this have?” If likes didn’t exist, and we were trying to add likes, you would probably say the same thing and mention how people would just chase likes. Does it really hurt to have a few more reactions? It’s not really any different from likes. Sure, it’s not the most necessary thing in the world, and other things would definitely need to be addressed first, but I’d imagine that it would be used and appreciated.

Saying “a heart is enough” is very similar to saying “plain rice is enough.” Sure, that’s technically true, but if I can add some soy sauce it would taste a lot better and it’s not hurting anything while doing it.

One could also argue this would stop some spam and off-topic posts because people would feel like they have less of a reason to reply than without these.


This is exactly my thought process when thinking of replying to them, it’s just nothing smart came out.

And with the irrelevance part, it’s funny how uep managed to complain about how I’m not professional over the devforum after looking at my posts (which is kinda weird tbh), yet uep and Koiskie are bringing up the strangest arguments on why a harmless feature shouldn’t be added, like how hearts are enough and replies exist, but in your spot on reply, you say it really doesn’t hurt to have and it would be ana amazing feature to have


You’re kinda wrong with this one. The DevForum is incredibly slow and it takes a long time to load than any other website with the same amount of content. This forces them to be picky about what gets added or not. Adding a feature that can be subsidized with a heart or a comment isn’t much better, especially since Roblox encourages people to have discussions rather than spam a reaction and leave.

That depends on your Wi-Fi.

I will admit, on my PC it’s not super fast, and on my phone it’s even slower, so it’s really dependent on WiFi/Service speed, and it goes down pretty often.

Even despite that, this would improve it. Making a reply will take much, much longer than just point-and-clicking t :joy: button to say it’s funny, or of course what I just advised against you right now have to say “Wow, that’s super funny and informational!” or you will get flagged for spam

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The forum does not need a dislike button. In any capacity. I honestly hate dislike buttons. Instead of participating in thoughtful discourse, users can just slap a dislike on your post. That’s not helpful. It never will be.

Any other reactions are pretty pointless or can be communicated with a like, as pointed out before.


Surely :heart:, :+1:, :clap:, :confetti_ball:, :hugs: are all the exact same thing, and other emojis like :hushed: are pretty meaningless


this combined with no like limit would be amazing

we need more ways to react on the forums other then spamming the replies with OMG COOL!!!


:heart: and :+1: are essentially the same (but they still do have differences)
:clap: and :confetti_ball: could congratulate someone on figuring out something, or an achievement
:hushed: could mean something like “woah thats amazing”
:hugs: could mean “glad i could help”

these could really reduce spam and off topic replies, and they aren’t the same, emojis are literally named after emotions


And yet, all of these can still be communicated in a like. Is being able to say :thinking: or :clap: or whatever else so extremely important?

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what’s better

:heart: or spammy reply that says something like “OMG LOVE IT but screw you im not giving you feedback”

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:hugs:, and :open_mouth: cannot be expressed in a like