Other ways of Advertising?

Hello, this question I have has been nagging me for a while. But I’d like to ask due to the ad system on Roblox at the moment. Let’s say I have a game that’s working and ready to be released (hypothetically) it’s been tested multiple times and has been seen as great and engaging. Now for those to see it normally you’d advertise on the Roblox ad system, but you have a lack of Robux and ad’s clutter making it hard for those to see your game &/or the average player will not care and just play the games they like. So the question is where else could you advertise your game? You have the basics like Youtube or Twitter but are their other ways/forms of advertising? Maybe a different method on Roblox kind of like the Featured Games tab on the events page. This is pearly due to the ad system and other ways to advertise your game. Any answers or help is appreciated and hopefully this isn’t a bad question concerning advertising.
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You could try to sponsor the game for robux. Also if you have no robux you could try to build a hype for the game on twitter using like #roblox or #robloxdev on twitter.


On the platform, there’s Featuring early adopters of Roblox technology and Live-Ops that you could try to do, but other than that you’re pretty much left with social media platforms and Roblox ads and sponsors.


List of some ways:

  • Inverstors
  • Roblox Ads
  • Sponsors
  • Weekly Events
  • Endorsements
  • Social Media posts
  • Sharing loops
  • Gameplays that make the game seem very fun



You could have larger groups/games announce your game release, and in exchange you would put an advertisement for their group/game in your game somewhere.


An option I’ve seen many people do is to take a booth at the Group Recruiting Plaza (Made by ClanAtlas) and advertise their game there. However it is pretty time consuming, and there is no guarantee people will come to your booth. Also a booth will need to be purchased with in game points (120 of them) or with a gamepass (140 R$).



You don’t need to spend money to advertise your game. Grow a community through Discord & Twitter by sharing cool screenshots of the game and giving away in game stuff.

You can also always get investors to pay for sponsors or advertising. If your game really is engaging and has good retention, you’ll have no problem with that.


There are many ways to advertise your game’s, which include:

  • Making YouTube videos about the game. Also uploading gameplay.
  • Post pictures of your game with a link to your game on twitter.
  • Hire investors.
  • You can have other groups/games/communities advertise your games.

You can really advertise with everything, but sponsors personally I believe sponsoring a game wouldn’t really allow you to gain more players due to tons of other games sponsoring and your sponsor is rarely going to show up.

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You can always use social media. I would recommend creating a twitter account for it, and post status updates often, with #Roblox and #RobloxDev . You could also create a discord community for it and invite people through the twitter.


A lot of people overhype Twitter as a advertising medium imo. In my own personal experience, I was able to get ~10 followers on Twitter over a period of about a month with regular tweets using #Roblox and #RobloxDev (every tweet contained some form of media, whether it be a picture or video). So not the best.

What has worked best and very well for me is actually using the Roblox subreddit to market my game. You have to be very, very careful using this route though, as repeatedly posting about a creation (which is essentially what you’d do if you do this) is not allowed on that subreddit, so you will need to space your posts apart by a good amount of time.

Another thing to note is that there is a high chance that the people on that subreddit will not like your game. They are not the same people as developers and often have very little developing experience so they might not fully appreciate your game. You really will have to be careful of that. If your game isn’t well received, best case scenario is that the post gets little attention (somewhere in the range of about 10 upvotes), and worse case scenario is that you get massively downvoted. I’ve seen both a lot, but it mostly happens when a less experienced developer posts about their game that isn’t unique/looks like a low effort creation.

The reason I bring this up at all with all of these drawbacks considered is that it has worked for me, and quite well. If you can get past these considerations, it can work a lot better than Twitter imo. I’ve made three posts about my game, each with some form of video or gif. Together, I’ve gotten almost 1,500 upvotes and have made a decently sized community (almost 100 discord members and about 50 group members). This also created a lot of hype, which is important as other people have mentioned.

Getting an early, loyal, and transparent community before your game is released is an absolutely huge advantage when you’re releasing a game as an unknown developer. Not only do you have a way to accurately test your game and get real feedback from players before you release, but this early community will double as a free playerbase when you do release your game. Any amount of players, especially ones that play for a long time each session and come back, is HUGE when you release a game. And I’ve gotten that for free (no robux spent) by advertising on Reddit.