Our New Game Coming Soon! (NPC Heroes)

GGames Roblox Group

Hello we are GGames and we are making a New NPC Themed Simulator Game.

Developer Team:

Artist,Modeler,Builder,UI/UX Designer

We need some Ideas and Feedbacks, Here is in-game Photos, Videos

Animations Progress :

Map Progress :


NPC Models:

Please comment a feedback
If you have any questions you can ask me on discord.

My GFX Portfolio : HERE


Nice if you every need testers, or moderators, even maybe a manager or builder chances are I am here!


Looks really cool, definitely something that I would play!
Keep up the great work.

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Good Work, can’t wait to play!

Nice game, I would change the following:

  • More varies of material (ice, metal)
  • The beams/decals on the 'Shop and Sell’ area are not smooth, could animate them and add particles.
  • The ‘Sell’ sign is green, sort of hurts my eyes and hard to see, could have some contrast
  • Snow area should have snow particles and some more decorations such as snowmans.
  • The colour of the key should be some different from the golden area on the chest (vice versa), it would give a better contrast.
  • You should add more lighting properties such as SunRays or DepthOfField.
  • The night sky should have some star particles or auroras.

Ultimately, what I recommended were just some small tips and decoration ideas.

Best of luck.