[Outdated] Experienced Scripter - Physics, UI, and more


You can find my updated portfolio here:


Hello! :smile:
I’m Hexcede, I’m a scripter who has been programming on the platform for ten years and I’m (obviously, of course) the coolest one there ever was. I specialize in physics, UI, and generally mathematical-oriented programming. I am very experienced with most of the features Roblox has to offer and often find myself exploring features before their public release.

I have written several well received articles on anti exploit development & proper game security, performance optimization, and memory optimization, as well as several scripting guides, a lot of which shows up in top of all time. I am also one of 105 people on Roblox who have the (soon to be obsolete) Top Contributor badge. I additionally have several public projects, which I have listed below.

Oh, and of course, I am a professional bug yeeter as well, I am confident that I create at least NaN more bugs than you, so naturally I must fix a lot of them :bug:

Examples of some of my work

Most of my work is not publicized as I tend to do what I do because I want to, however, as mentioned, I do have several public projects which showcase some of my work, particularly older projects which I have since grown from.

Here is a hobby project of mine that has been ongoing for a while now, and, its one of the things I am most passionate about working on by far:
You can read about the game in this post:

Some portions of the game will be open sourced, and, the early version of the game’s anticheat is currently open sourced as well.
Hexcede/Hexolus-OpenSource: Open source code from Hexolus (github.com)

This game has been the seed for some of my most ambitious projects, such as H3x, which, admittedly has taken a lower priority spot for me and is in need of a rewrite of some kind.


I am generally always consistently available around 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST. Outside of those times, I usually have around 6 to 8 hours daily dedicated to my own development work.

Programming skills

I am skilled in the art of Kung-- Wait, wrong portfolio, sorry

I am skilled in multiple areas in programming. I write very neat and readable code, and I happily will write comments and document my code if preferred, and often do. My programming style is very robust and without much bloat, meaning you should expect things not to break at random, and you should expect my code to be fairly quick. If you’re not satisfied, I will improve it until you are without expecting extra pay

My one downfall is that my code can often be compared to a bag of chips (or crisps if you aren’t from the US), there may or may not be a lot of air (whitespace), in my case for the purpose of organization, but hopefully that doesn’t bother you. Just like the chips, I hope my code satisfies you.



Depending on the complexity of the request, I would happily do free work for smaller requests or single assets. Generally I prefer to be payed fixed amounts for assets.

Longer-Term Development

In the case of long term dev work, I prefer to be payed for my time, especially with (low, such as 5-10%) percentage payouts so long as I am still affiliated with your project and doing work for you. Of course, this is also negotiable and should be based on how much work I am expected to do for your game.


My preferred method of contact is via the Developer Forums, however, you can contact me over Discord (@Hexcede#4563) as well, which I may be faster to message back on. I’ll always respond fairly quickly though.

Unfortunately, I require you to be really cool and awesome to talk to me, so, if I don’t message you after a couple hours say something really cool and awesome to catch my attention like “I’m really cool and awesome :sunglasses:

Further hobby related stuff

Hexolus also inspired me to start work on a currently private compression algorithm, primarily for the use of one of its planned features, which was to add spectating to its lobbies so that matches could be watched from other servers. Unfortunately, the algorithm didn’t prove to be efficient enough and so, I’ve been working on it for quite a while now.

I also do various types of image editing and graphic design, I generally make my own logos, textures, and assets, though usually I am more interested in it when its related to my own projects.