[Closed] Experienced Programmer & Code Reviewer


I am not open for commissions for the time being and can’t accept requests, but, feel free to shoot me a message anyways.


Hello, I am Hexcede! :smile:
I am a very experienced programmer on Roblox. I specialize in game security and performance optimization on Roblox.

I have been developing on Roblox since early 2010 as a hobby and have quite a few projects to my name of differing quality and purpose. I am one of 105 users to have received the now legacy Top Contributor badge on the Dev Forums.

I have done a small amount of work on a game titled City 17 and have done a little bit of work with The Nighthawk Emperium on their upcoming game which is a sequel to The Grand Crossing.

What I can do

  • Review code, quickly spot and fix bugs, and help to improve script performance
  • Create organized scripts and create performant and reliable code
  • UI design, basic modeling, and general image editing like recoloration, and texture tweaking
  • Brain hurty math stuff


Here are some of the projects I have created.

Hexolus - Hexolus is my hobby project, its a game I have been working on since late 2018 and offers some really advanced features like complete live server updating, a fancy object placer, and a lightning fast terrain generator which is at worst about 50x faster than other games with custom voxel terrain. Its in its early stages still but I work on it occasionally.
H6x - Secure Lua Sandbox - This is a tool designed to make it easier for developers to securely execute user created code in their games. This is a successor to H3x both of which are to my knowledge the first publicly available tools for this. H6x is being designed for games like Lua Learning by @boatbomber and is very advanced despite being in its early stages.
Hexolus’ Server-sided Anticheat - The (untitled) anticheat to my game which is one of the first anti exploits that doesn’t rely at all on the client. It doesn’t punish players, instead it outright blocks their cheating using physics prediction. It’s dedicated to eliminating a lot of physics exploits and is currently on halt as I develop its replacement.

Here are a few plugins I have released:
Non-Humanoid Rig Builder - An ease of use plugin for creating non humanoid rigs and easily producing animation-compatible joints
Object Snapper Plugin - Designed to make it easy to mass copy models from templates

My GitHub: Hexcede · GitHub

Other work

I have also written several articles in the top of all time on the Devforum around various topics including Network/game security, optimization, memory leaks, general scripting, and a lot more, and, a lot of these have been very well received and my articles have been linked hundreds of times.
How you should secure your game - Article on game security
Beginner guide for scripting on Roblox - Article on basic scripting
Garbage Collection and Memory Leaks in Roblox - Article on the garbage collector and fixing memory leaks

Modeling & UI/GFX

I am primarily a programmer but I also am a decent modeler and UI designer.

A few of Hexolus’ models

My game’s thumbnail

The loading UI


Currently I have about two to four hours available daily, but, I do not currently have a consistent schedule. I am currently much, much better suited for maintaining and updating existing games and working on smaller features rather than developing new ones.


Currently its difficult for me to to large commissions and produce very large projects due to my current situation. If you want to commission work its currently a lot better if you’re looking to commission a lot of smaller things or need someone to weed out bugs and maintain a game.


I currently accept either hourly pay or salary pay. I will not accept percentages unless the game is already making money. For smaller things I may accept per-item payments. I prefer hourly payments for general development.


You can contact me via forum PMs, or via Discord at Hexcede#4563. It’s a lot easier for me to respond on the devforum since I get a lot of Discord messages so I will generally respond faster that way and am less likely to miss your message. I always respond to devforum messages.

Due to generally receiving a very high volume of requests, I might miss your messages so please don’t hesitate to send me something if I don’t respond.