Outdated Forum Post

I dont know how you guys find these ancient posts


Interested in Hiring you, you can shoot me a DM on discord:

Your building is cool but your account has been made in 2015 so there is no way you have been building for 13 years.

My main is Logitech, but I was too lazy to pay 1k roblox to change my name.

Oh that makes sense would you take percentage if possible?

Only if there is a substation commission and if the game’s is more than profitable in my perspective.

I contacted you :slight_smile: hope to work with you!

Heya, Culian. I added you on discord I’m Caliber.

If you’re still available, I sent you a contact request BIG DAWG#1399

Very interested, I sent you a friend request on discord!

Hello I have reached out on discord for help in Zombie Task Force , names ROWG_Leader#3822