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Hello! As some of you may know, my name is Graphxcal and I am offering my services as a Graphic Designer. I have quite an overwhelming amount of expertise in this area of development as I initiated my career back in 2014 when I first joined the platform. I am fairly well-known in the graphics community, and I have done projects for many mainstream groups/games such as Foxtrot Asylum, Stateview Prison, Riverside Prison, Bondi Rescue Roleplay, and Rome. Although it may be evident that I have a particular niche, I have done many graphics for Star Wars based genres, military groups, and any miscellaneous project out there!

You can see my full portfolio at https://www.deviantart.com/graphxcal


Icons (Group/Game)


![Imperial State of Saarland Advertisement|133x500]

I am available on most weekdays usually around 4:00 PM CST - 10:00 PM CST - this will solely depend on the availability of my schedule and is not guaranteed. I am also primarily available on the weekends from 12:00 PM CST - 12:00 AM CST - this once again will depend on my schedule for the said date. You can contact my discord at Graphxcal#1383 anytime.

Thumbnails: $25 USD
Advertisements: $15 USD
Group Icons: $20 USD
Game Icons: $20 USD

All payments must be done through Paypal unless discussed otherwise. I am currently not open for ROBUX orders until further notice.

  1. Contact my Discord, Graphxcal#1383, to place your order.

  2. You will be responsible for sending all relevant models, details about the graphics, and any important information you feel is necessary to achieve your concept.

  3. You must pay before I begin the work - this is solely to ensure I am compensated for my work in the end and that I’m not working for nothing.

  4. Models and assets will be exported from Roblox Studio and imported into the rendering engine (Cinema 4D) for scene set-up, texturing, posing, and final renderings.

  5. Render will be placed into Adobe Photoshop for any finishing touches, color corrections, remaining effects, and any text placements that is requested by the buyer.

  6. My signature will be added onto the graphic, and the final product will be sent to you.

I will send frequent updates and previews to ensure you are happy with the concept before the final rendering. If you fail to speak up about any concerns prior to the rendering, I will not be re-rendering.

You can contact me directly here on the Developer Forum, on Discord at Graphxcal#1383, or on Twitter https://twitter.com/IAmGraphxcal

I prefer if you contact me directly on my Discord for the fastest response and for organization purposes.

Thank you for reading through my portfolio - I am eager to start working with you if you’re interested!


Don’t know how I feel on this I feel as if it’s a bit over priced in my opinion. However, you are a fantastic GFX designer!


those are nice graphics, but it is vastly overprized; tldr dont price your work about what “mainstream games” you’ve worked on


I appreciate your criticism! I have gradually increased my prices based on the influx of customers I have received and the quality that I put out.


Thank you! My prices aren’t based on some of the mainstream games that I’ve worked on, but they are priced on the complexity of my work, the detail that I put out, and the influx of customers that I receive. I appreciate the feedback, but sadly I can’t please everyone!


Wonderful work! Contrary to what others may say, I definitely don’t think these are overpriced! Clearly people are willing to pay these prices because I see your work all over roblox and twitter. Keep up the awesome job!

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Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback!


Amazing graphic designer for cheap(ish) prices. Would totally reccomend him for any high quality graphic.


I highly recommend this guy for any project! He’s done amazing work for multiple people I’ve associated with. His prices are definitely worth the amount of effort he put’s into his art.


I always love seeing your thumbnails.

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looking good, great prices and astonishing quality

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