Output Channels for Roblox Core Lua Scripts

As a Roblox Developer it is too difficult to filter output messages from Roblox Core Lua Scripts.

Currently, if you attempt to use an error logging service like GameAnalytics or Sentry, it is basically impossible to filter out everything that is from Roblox code.

These errors aren’t really relevant to me as I cannot access most of the code relating to them (nor should I have to).

As a result, real errors from my game end up being buried under Roblox errors.

Why not just filter out Roblox errors yourself?

This is actually not very feasible.
Sure, you could ignore scripts parented to CoreGui, or specific script names:

  • BubbleChat
  • CameraScript
  • ChatScript
  • ControlScript
  • ChatServiceRunner
  • Sound
  • All the default character scripts? (Sound, LocalSound, Animate)

Along with these, you’d have to ignore all of their descendants as well. Additionally, Roblox seems to add more Lua code to our games as time goes on, so you’d have to continue updating this list as well.

Here’s an interesting implementation in Android


I saw this get bumped (how)

So I might aswell leave the fact that ScriptContext.Error outputs the script that caused the error. Anoyingly, however, CoreScript instances cannot be security checked by plugin code.

It would be nice to filter context level though a Lua API since Roblox output tracks that now.