Overal Transparency for Gui's

We have background transparency and other types, but it would be sooo nice to have a transparency property that allows you to set not only the transparency of a GUI object, but all of its children all together.

That way I can set a whole UI piece to be say, 0.5 transparent. Right now, I’d have to set each individual child to a certain transparency, but there typically is some ugly transparency overlapping and it isn’t a fun time.


Yes, I would loooove this for fade transitions.


Suppooooort, this brings so many opportunities!!


It might need to be per-screengui, otherwise overlapping z-indices might cause problems. Maybe a property of ScreenGui?


I think you can set the .Transparency (not .BackgroundTransparency) of a frame that affects all of its children. I accidentally typed .Transparency = 1 in my coding one time and was confused as to where the heck everything went haha.

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It doesn’t set the transparency of the children, but it sets both BackgroundTransparency and TextTransparency (but not ImageTransparency) on text GUIs.

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Weird… It was only one time I messed with .Transparency, but when I made it 1, everything beneath it was invisible, so I assumed it set the transparency of everything beneath it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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If it has to go down to that then sure, but it’d be easier to have it a property for all GUI objects.

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I think this is the basic idea,
You have a gui you want to make transparent (the left)
If you make everything transparent you get the middle.
I made the right one by putting 4 frames around the black rectangle so the background doesn’t bleed through and make it gray. This might be what someone wants to do, the case might be much more complex though.


Exactly! Especially useful with images too.

Bumping this suggestion. This would be great. Maybe something similar to the current UIConstraints we have so far?


ya this would be really helpful. i make them myself and i’d use this feature a lot. support.

Wanted to bump this thread because I think we still have a lot of use cases for this, and it would be really good for when there’s a “break away” piece of a gui that tweens transparency to disappear. Creating fading menus would be SO much easier, even if the transparency bleeds through. I don’t really care which way it ends up going as long as something gets done :slight_smile:


It’s impossible atm, unfortunately :frowning:

I heard they were planning/working on an optimization where GUI would be “composited” (not sure what the right jargon is). Basically each LayerCollector (ScreenGuis, BillboardGuis) would be rendered in one pass instead of rendering each frame one by one. Maybe this would be possible once that happens!

(edit: oh you don’t care about things bleeding through.)