P299 Redone Admin / Abandoned project, so I open source it

P299R, or Person299’s Commands Redone, is an administrative commands system that was made with high inspiration towards the classic Person299’s Commands system that was a huge deal pre-2013 / Kohl’s.

I have made the source open-source since I have abandoned working on it. The system by itself is fully working, but I just couldn’t finish it by the final deadline I have set to myself.

How to use the commands: command/arg1/arg2/…

The system includes the following features that might interest developers from all kinds;

  • Redefine:A-Inspired Commands Loader
  • A new unique method of sending arguments into the commands.
  • An environment injector module which includes a few pre-made include libraries, some of which are being used in the system.
  • A new UI-building library, which is being used for the system’s UI; It includes some features such as live template creation, and can be used to create other instances as well other than just UI-stuff. (although it’s mainly aimed for UI-related stuff)
  • A small amount commands to use. (idk why i count it as a feature)

tl;dr; The system is working, but not complete and is very… well, I wouldn’t be the one to gossip but it’s very unorganised and bad in terms of optimisation. Feel free to learn from the source, but DO NOT use any of that code in actual production code because setfenv() stuff is bad.

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It looks like it was written in 2014. I recommend to stay away from set/getfenv. Also, I recommend putting all commands into one module. I put it in workspace, and nothing’s happening.

Not to self promote, but maybe you can look through my admin system for some ideas. It’s not complete, but here

yup. i have mentioned it in the original post that it’s not a good idea to use it in actual production because of setfenv(), but it’s still fun to take a peek around it and see the system by itself.

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