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Around a year ago, I started developing an admin system. With my lack of knowledge, I gave up. Since I was bored, I decided to finish it. I give you KeeAdmin, developed by me and @co_existance.


KeeAdmin features several commands:

commands, chatlogs, info, view, unview, walkspeed, sword, give, respawn, kick, ban, forcefield, unforcefield, sparkles, unsparkles, music, mod, admin, unadmin, shutdown, goto, bring, warn, change, title, untitle, name, unname, god, ungod, sit, rejoin, chatcolor, kill, track, untrack

Why Use Over Other Admin Systems?

A lot of admin systems out there use old “systems”, and the one that I took heavy inspiration from, SimpleAdmin, uses getfenv/setfenv, which is a bad practice. It features easy configuration, such as allow creator admin (off by default), enable fun commands (on by default), and preset admin lists. With constant updates and fast command execution, it should meet all of your expectations.

Where Can I Get the Model?

You can get the model here. If you want to view the source code, you can get that here.


Packages are a great way to share your own commands among other players. Feel free to upload and post them. In the not-so-distant future, they will get an update that allows you to expand your current commands. To make one, just follow this template:

	name = "test", --name of the command, word used to execute it
	aliases = {"test2"}, --another word to execute it, the list can go on
	category = "misc", --category of command (misc, fun, moderation)
	level = 0, --0 = player, 1 = moderator, 2 = admin, 3 = owner
	execute = function(player, args) --what happens when the command is ran
		print("Hello world!")

Final Comments

Credit goes to @co_existance:



If you find any bugs, please let me know. I’ll get to work as soon as possible. I plan to add more commands. Would you use it? Why or why not? If you have any ideas, comments, or questions, feel free to leave them in the replies. I appreciate all feedback. Thanks for reading!


This admin system is fast, stable and dynamic, while putting the usage of modern features to full use. I would strongly recommend this to everyone.


Thanks for the feedback! I feel like some features were inefficient like the ban system, but in the end it all worked out.


You should add a warn command, it’s pretty easy all you have to do it make a warn GUI, put it inside server or replicated storage then in your script where you detect your commands, just :Clone the GUI and parent it to the target/victims playergui with the reason as it’s textlabel.


Definitely will do! Plus when I finish packages, you can add your own commands!

Update 1.1

:warn <player> <reason?>
:unwarn <player?>

Known bug: For example, if you do “:speed em 500”. it will speed you. It’s expected to do nothing. No fix at the moment.
Let me know if any more bugs appear.

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How is this bad practice? That doesn’t make sense


I’ve just heard people say it. It’s inefficient.

You cannot just say that based on other people’s words, you need to say it based on your own experience.

Fair point, but from my little knowledge of it, it just doesn’t seem efficient.

Hey - I own SimpleAdmin. Using getfenv, setfenv, or loadstring in your code marks the environment as “impure” and affectively excludes the respective environment from all Luau optimizations.


Update 1.2

Fixed the name argument parsing bug
Added :change (usage: :change me Cash 1000)
Added packages!

No bugs found. Let me know if you find any.

Not necessarily true at all, there’s nothing “impure” about these methods.

I think this is very nice however I disagree with some of the programming methods used. Your core script is quite messy and doesn’t use enough variables hence you constantly define and define. This can cause errors the larger your code gets.

I also think that this admin is severely lacking customization features and overall functionality, no plugins, no settings, etc.

I recommend giving it an overall revamp and adding features to put it on the level of systems such as SimpleAdmin, Basic Admin Essentials and Adonis.

It does have “plugins”, packages. It also does have customization, in the loader. Could you tell me where I constantly define? I’d go back and fix that. On top of that, those other systems have been out for at least a year, and have had plenty of time to revamp. Thanks for your feedback.

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They’re not saying that they think those methods are impure, just that using them disables Luau optimizations.

Update 1.3

:title <player> <message>
:untitle <player?>
:name <player> <message>
:unname <player?>
:god <player?>
:ungod <player?>

No bugs found. Let me know if any come up.

Update 1.4


Updated permissions for :info and :chatlogs


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What do you need screenshots for? I gave you the game link, and it’s all open sourced.