P6 Rig | A Minecraft-Like rig that works with 64x64 Textures and R6 Animations


P6 or Pixel6 is a rig for Roblox that functions like R6 but has the visual style of Minecraft's Character Model

  • Uses the same Texture Template that Minecraft does
  • Texture resolution only needs to be 64 x 64
  • Supports Layers
  • Functions with R6 Animations
  • Does not Support ‘Slim’ Skins

In-Game Media:

Skin Swapping

Layer Toggle


Additional Info:

  • This rig was made in Blender with custom UV’s To circumvent blurry small Textures on Roblox

  • Credits due credit if you aren’t feeling blue :heart_eyes: :pray:
    The place file comes with a built in Skin Changer (By ID) and Layer Toggle
    scripted by @WafflesAreVeryGood

  • If your textures do not display on the model make sure your ImageID’s are correct by copying them from the Toolbox in Studio


  • You can also find the Source Image by clicking the small image Icon next to your Decal and copying the URL’s ID using this extension ( BTRoblox - Extension )



Is this open sourced? Where can we download it?

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When this post was first released, the link was not there.

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Mojang wants to sue you for every valuable possession you own.


a minecraft rig but roblox is very epic

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How would you recommend that we get the skins? If we just find an unwrapped Minecraft skin and upload it, will it work?

yeah a standard Minecraft skin should work
you can use namemc if you want to search up any skin and just download it directly

This is Pog. Good job and thank you

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A man of culture I see. Hello there

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I got a skin from NameMC but when I post it on Roblox, it’s blurry, yours aren’t, how do I make them not blurry.

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its going to be blurry when uploaded to roblox the model’s uvs were made so that isnt an issue
if you have the proper ID for the image/decal you can just apply it to the character and it should work fine

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well it doesnt work fine.

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Can you link the skin you are using

the link from roblox or namemc? also it does this with 2 others i posted.

yes also you are probably doing something wrong

I like it alot! I saw this a couple days ago but I didn’t realize you could add custom skins lol

theres only 2 choices, where did you get “yes”

This is pretty dang cool! However one gripe I have is that there is no ‘slim’ / 3 pixel arm model, this kinda stinks because I’m one of those weird people who use slim skins. However I doubt it would take that much time to make one, but I’m no modeler so eh.

yeah he said that there was no slim skin

I understand. I just meant to make a secondary model that does.