P6 Rig | A Minecraft-Like rig that works with 64x64 Textures and R6 Animations


P6 or Pixel6 is a rig for Roblox that functions like R6 but has the visual style of Minecraft's Character Model

  • Uses the same Texture Template that Minecraft does
  • Texture resolution only needs to be 64 x 64
  • Supports Layers
  • Functions with R6 Animations
  • Does not Support ‘Slim’ Skins

In-Game Media:

Skin Swapping

Layer Toggle



Additional Info:

  • This rig was made in Blender with custom UV’s To circumvent blurry small Textures on Roblox

  • Credits due credit if you aren’t feeling blue :heart_eyes: :pray:
    The place file comes with a built in Skin Changer (By ID) and Layer Toggle
    scripted by @WafflesAreVeryGood

  • If your textures do not display on the model make sure your ImageID’s are correct by copying them from the Toolbox in Studio


  • You can also find the Source Image by clicking the small image Icon next to your Decal and copying the URL’s ID using this extension ( BTRoblox - Extension )



Is this open sourced? Where can we download it?

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When this post was first released, the link was not there.

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Mojang wants to sue you for every valuable possession you own.


a minecraft rig but roblox is very epic

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How would you recommend that we get the skins? If we just find an unwrapped Minecraft skin and upload it, will it work?

yeah a standard Minecraft skin should work
you can use namemc if you want to search up any skin and just download it directly

This is Pog. Good job and thank you

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A man of culture I see. Hello there

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I got a skin from NameMC but when I post it on Roblox, it’s blurry, yours aren’t, how do I make them not blurry.

its going to be blurry when uploaded to roblox the model’s uvs were made so that isnt an issue
if you have the proper ID for the image/decal you can just apply it to the character and it should work fine

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well it doesnt work fine.

Can you link the skin you are using

the link from roblox or namemc? also it does this with 2 others i posted.

yes also you are probably doing something wrong

I like it alot! I saw this a couple days ago but I didn’t realize you could add custom skins lol

theres only 2 choices, where did you get “yes”

This is pretty dang cool! However one gripe I have is that there is no ‘slim’ / 3 pixel arm model, this kinda stinks because I’m one of those weird people who use slim skins. However I doubt it would take that much time to make one, but I’m no modeler so eh.

yeah he said that there was no slim skin

I understand. I just meant to make a secondary model that does.