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  • Do not be rude. Act appropriately. Everyone – staff, customers, and guests – should be treated politely.
  • Do not allow a disagreement to become a heated argument. Leave it for another time or contact management to solve the dispute.
  • Stay professional and polite. Do not offend customers.
  • If a customer is being disruptive, report the disturbance to security. One unhappy customer is better than the many that they would have made unhappy by being disruptive.
  • Only do your own job.

Punishments are based on the severity of your infraction, and can be one of the following:

  1. A warning. Repeated offenses will garner more severe punishments.
  2. A temporary or permanent lock to your rank.
  3. Demotion, with the possibility to return to your original position if you keep up good behavior.
  4. A temporary or permanent exile. Disruptive and uncooperative staff are not welcome at Pablo’s.
Customer Ranks
Customer A customer or fan of Pablo’s
Noteworthy Customer Resigned Upper Staff or otherwise important members. You cannot earn this rank.
Wealthy Customers Those who have bought the Wealthy Customer pass in-game can ask to be put into the Wealthy Customer rank. Wealthy Customers get access to Private Dining, can invite their friends in, and get a golden nametag.
Staff Ranks
Intern A newly-applied, untrained staff member. Interns must train to advance to a full staff position before working in Pablo’s.
Chef Coming soon!
Host and Hostess The host and hostess welcome customers into Pablo’s, seat them at a table, and brings them a menu. The host and hostess are responsible for letting waiters and waitresses know when a customer has been seated.
Waiter and Waitress The waiter and waitress take down the customer’s order, prepare their order, and serve the customer. The waiter and waitress should make sure that every customer is being served.
Bartender Bartenders are responsible for serving customers our many fruit-flavored and dessert drinks. It is the responsibility of the bartender to clean the cups that they serve.

Head ranks are chosen for their skill and dedication to Pablo’s and their job:

Head Ranks
Head Chef Coming soon!
Head Host and Hostess The head host and hostess manage the hosts and hostesses of Pablo’s as well as hosting themselves.
Head Waiter and Waitress The head waiter and waitress manage the waiters and waitresses of Pablo’s as well as waiting themselves.
Head Bartender The head bartender manages the bartenders of Pablo’s as well as bartending themselves.

Pablo’s Security Team runs off of a separate structure with their own ranking system.

Security Ranks
Trainee The Interns of the Security teams. Trainees will sometimes practice in the restaurant, but will need to gain a promotion to work as security full time.
Security Team Pablo’s Security ensures that all customers and staff stay polite and non-disruptive.
Special Security Team The Special Security Team has some additional privileges and capabilities over the Security Team.
Security Captain The Security Captain is one of the high ranking officials of Pablo’s Security Team
Deputy Head of Security The Deputy Head of Security is one of the managers of the Pablo’s Security Team
Head of Security The Head of Security runs Pablo’s Security Team
Upper Staff (Management)
Supervisor Supervisors are selected from the Pablo’s Heads for their skills at management and communication. Supervisors manage all of the Pablo’s Staff.
Board of Directors The Board of Directors run Pablo’s and all of its major decisions.
Head of the Board The Head of the Board oversees the Board of Directors and ensures that the Board of Directors is applying their vision properly. The Head of the Board work closely with the Founder to guide the group forward.
Game Management This rank is reserved for those who manage Pablo’s places. These developers and the Founder are the only ones allowed to edit Pablo’s places.
Founder The Founder started Pablo’s and works with the Head of the Board, the Board of Directors, and the rest of Pablo’s to ensure Pablo’s success.


To become an Intern, apply at the Pablo’s Application Center.

Host, Waiter, and Bartender

To become one of the primary Pablo’s staff, attend intern trainings and learn your chosen skill.


To become one of the Head ranks and take on a management role, you must show dedication, good leadership skills, and good communication skills. Being active and helpful in your job can help you reach the Head ranks. You must be capable of hosting supervised trainings.


  • You must show a high skill level at your job and at management.
  • You must be a Head rank or a Security Captain.
  • As a Supervisor, you will not do any of the primary jobs and will focus solely on management, such as:
    • Overseeing the Heads and primary staff in Pablo’s
    • Overseeing trainings of Head ranks
  • You must have your hard work noticed by a Board of Director or higher

Board of Directors

There are limited positions on the Board of Directors. Generally, promotions will not be made to this rank. On rare occassions, applications may be announced and a new Director will be hand-picked. This role requires hard work and dedication. Having a management position will increase your chances of being picked if applications do open up.

Head of the Board

The Head of the Board may never be available. If the position ever needs to be filled then the matter will be discussed privately among the Upper Staff before proceding.

Training Manual for Trainees

Pablo’s Training Manual

Edition 1

Written by the Director of Staff

The following Training Manual is for the use of Trainees. It outlines in a basic manner the nature of your training so you are not caught unawares and that you can prepare for training to the best of your ability.



Basic Training

Specialised Training

  • Security
  • Host/Hostess
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender


As said previously this manual has been created with the purpose of helping your prepare for training and helping you to perform well in and out of training. This manual is for trainee use and covers most of what shall entail during your training. Trainings may differ slightly time to time based off the Trainers decision on what will best suit your needs.

All staff, including security, must go through a ‘Basic Training’ phase. This phase shall orientate you with Pablo’s and the restaurant.

Following on from this initial phase you shall receive tailored training to suit your ‘stream’. (Chef, Host/Hostess, Waiter/Waitress, Bartender and Security) Further training for applicants wishing to become security shall be managed and overseen by the Director of Public Safety. For any other applicant, training shall be managed by the Director of Staff. After having attained the level required from this secondary phase you may be chosen to occupy a full staff position. This does not mean your training is over. Trainings are not simply to introduce you to Pablo’s but also to maintain a high standard.

Those who will be Trainers are the following:

Head of Role (Under the supervision of a Supervisor)
Board of Directors
Head of the Board

Any complaints or disputes about training can be taken to the Director of Staff and he shall have the final decision.

Basic Training

Those who have reached basic training will have been accepted via our Application Center and shall now be ranked Intern. To continue to the secondary phase of training you must attain the level required at Basic Training. This will be decided by your Trainer. The following will be included in your training.

  • Role of staff members
  • How to identify staff by their uniform
  • Location of various objects throughout the restaurant
  • Basic overview of functions
  • Basic use of tools relevant to each role
  • Role play of situations with opportunity to identify which role should do what where

Training may include more.

Having completed the Basic Training phase you shall be asked to select a role.

Specialised Training

Those who have reached Specialised Training have completed the Basic Training phase. To become a full staff member you must complete two parts of Specialised Training: Individual and Team. Individual consists of a one on one training session where you will be taught about your role. Team training is where all the trainees come together and role play to make your training more realistic. (Due to numbers, Team training may not be entirely comprised of trainees)

Individual Training


In depth discussion on role
Role play of situations that you must deal with
In depth training with tools


In depth discussion on role
Use of functions
How to choose tables
Discussion with customer
Warm Greeting to new Customers who walk in (always say “Ciao!” which is hello or goodbye in italian)


In depth discussion on role
Use of functions
Making food
How to serve
Role play
Good communication skills


In depth discussion on role
Use of functions
Making drinks
How to serve
When to clear
What to clear

Team Training

During team training interns shall perform their desired role whilst others pretend to be customers. This allows you to see how other roles work collectively and gives you a better understanding.

Team training may be done in two different ways: one individual table with one person filling each role, or multiple tables with multiple staff members.

After completing all of this you should be prepared and well on your way to becoming one of the elite staff members at Pablo’s. You will receive periodic training to keep your skills at the best of their abilities and to introduce you to new procedures.

If you have any remaining questions, feel free to contact Pablo’s Upper Staff.

Thank you once again for your time and patience.

elanmarkel1289, Pablo’s Founder


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