Pack of royalty-free sound effects from Sonniss


The folks over at Sonniss release a pack of royalty-free sounds every year, to celebrate the annual GDC. It’s really high-quality and has a big variety too, so go check it out if you haven’t already:

All of them sum up to about 80 GB though, so free up some space on your disk if you are willing to download all of them.

Here’s the license, if you are interested:


they’re dope!


Awesome post, thank you so much!


80 GB?!

And I thought 8 GBs back in 2008 was a lot!


Lol they have a sound library called “Box Abuse”, that consists solely of them tearing apart and smacking boxes.

Great resource!


don’t forget VEGECIDE


They might have the new 2019 sound pack available this year as I notice they have one for every year starting from year 2016.

Just so you know.


They usually release their sound packs together with GDC, so we will have to wait to see.