Package is stuck in strange limbo state, and places can not be published or saved at all


One of the packages in our game has become stuck somewhere between up to date and having changes that need to be published, in some sort of limbo. None of the publish/revert options work properly, and the game cannot be saved at all, on any place.

This does not qualify for the critical tag, has no obvious reproduction steps, and if I exit studio all the changes on the place will be lost. I’m not sure what to do here.

@nsgriff @lll_xyz You both replied to my reports on the packages update thread so I hope you don’t mind me pinging you here :grimacing:


These are all of the packages in our game:

As you can see, they are all up to date. There is no refresh icon. However, when we try to publish the place, this gets printed to the output, and the place does not publish successfully:

When the place is rejoined, the top-most package “Client Modules” has both the unpublished changes yellow circle and the green refresh icon. The package can either be updated to the latest version or reverted, however, when any of those two actions is performed, the whole process starts over again, from the top. It looks like this:

Removing the “Client Modules” package from the game hierarchy allows the game to be published. But since this package is essential for the game to work at all, the game is now completely broken in studio and cannot be updated or saved whatsoever.


  • We tried to create a completely new package, and copy over the contents of the old package into it (excluding the PackageLink object), but this new package now has the same bug. There seems to be something wrong with the contents of the package, even though it has worked perfectly fine before and the only changes have been to already existing scripts.
  • We replaced the strange package with just a normal folder instead for now. This required us to manually go into every place in the game and replace the package to able to work on that place at all.

@billlipeng, is this a known issue we are analyzing? :slight_smile:

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I concur. I have the same exact problem. Details are practically the same. This issue is worth analyzing as it restricts us creators dramatically by not allowing us to update certain and essential packages.

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Thanks for reporting it! We are looking into it. I’ll keep you guys posted.


@AntEverything I suppose you are using packages on TeamCreate as well. If it is the case, please upgrade the Roblox Studio to the latest and check if the bug is fixed. If not, please remove try to remove the PackageLink and republish the package. Please let me know if it works. Thanks!


Your assumption was correct, and the bug is fixed on my end. Thank you so much for assisting promptly. @billlipeng

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Glad to hear that!

It is a known issue. And we are in progress of fixing it. If it appears again, please upgrade Studio to the latest version. In the meantime, to minimize the impact, you may break up the large package into smaller ones, so not all of them will be affected. OR you can remove the PackageLink for a short period of time.

We will address this issue ASAP. Thanks for your understanding! : )

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Getting the same issue again now, and there is no latest version of studio to upgrade to. The next studio version will be out in ~3 days, meaning 3 out of 7 days this week, almost 50% of the total time, using packages breaks our entire workflow. Separating the packages is not an option because the issue happens even while only using simple folders and module scripts. Is there any ETA on a fix?

EDIT: The packages suddenly started working again, but I did not see studio update at all.

EDIT 2: It started happening again. :frowning:

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The same issue is happening to me again. Lost a bunch of progress as well. Pretty frustrated as well.

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Turn off team create, I think it became fixed once I did.


We are currently working through solutions for this. Will update this thread when I have more information.

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This is still happening. I’m currently getting the following message on publish whilst every package in the game is up to date.


This is in a team create place.

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Hi @EchoZenkai, can you check your Studio version, is it 394? If not, please update Studio. Also, please save a local copy of the place before update Studio to prevent data lose.

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Hi @billlipeng, I am using version 394.0.322464, the error persists however I found out earlier today that publishing a place via “Publish To Roblox To…” works whilst “Publish To Roblox” does not.

Somehow I missed this post when searching for bugs about packages. I’m still experiencing this issue and the post I linked above describes how to replicate the bug (basically, Humanoids being descendants of packages cause the bug). I recently tried to replicate it again and it still occurs. I’m using Roblox Sutdio version 0.396.0.327208:

Hi, we are actively fixing the bug. Appreciate the step-to-reproduce!


Is there any ETA, or any sort of progress, on this issue?
Not being able to work on and publish a game for a full day (sometimes more) every week is not just very annoying, for us it is preventing an entire team of developers who work on Roblox full time from making any progress. In the case of Roblox having a service outage, we are also kicked out of Team Create without getting the chance to save any local copies, and we already lost many hours worth of work because of this bug.

The solution for this problem requires a few critical steps. Our goal is to get this resolved before the end of the year. Thank you for your patience. We are working hard to solve this problem.

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Working on resolving the immediate issue of being unable to save as soon as possible.


I’m actively on a fix for this issue. We will release the fix in stages. The first stage will be released later this week. Thank you for your patience!

This issue has been addressed as of Oct 9. We will release some feature changes to allow save place with modified package inside next week. Stay tuned~

Update 2:
You are now able to save a place with modified package inside for teamcreate place and non-teamcreate place. We will make an official announcement later this week.