Package Issues.. Can't Publish OR Get Latest

I’m having an issue with a PackageLink that arose out of nowhere while working on unrelated models:

I have 5 Models that are all using a certain Package, with AutoUpdate enabled. Studio will not allow me to publish my place because of the packages with unpublished changes within it. But when I go to publish the packages, the previous one I published becomes “Unpublished”, putting me into an endless loop of these models requiring publishing. Also, when I click “Get Latest Package”, it still tells me I need to publish the changes before publishing the game, and all the other packaged models get that orange circle… another endless loop…

I have tried to disable AutoUpdate and Publish/Get Latest Package for each of the models one by one, but the same issue happens.

Here’s a video of what’s happening:

I am unable to publish or save my project to the cloud at this time… Which is an incredible inconvenience.

Does anybody know what caused this and how I can fix it? Or do I need to make a new package and re-position all these models manually again?

I’m pretty new to using Packages so I assume I’m doing something wrong, however if nobody knows what’s going on I will file a bug report for this.

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I believe this is most likely a bug, and not just because you are doing something wrong.
I’d recommend trying to delete them and placing them again. That would probably fix the issue.
I do not have this issue with the packages in my game.

You might also be able to solve this issue by reopening studio, if you haven’t already.

This seems very similar to a bug that I reported a couple months ago. They’re working on it, meanwhile, just deleting the package link and not using packages for a few days until it fixes itself (it fixes with studio updates) works. Link to bug report