Package keeps saying it's changed, but its not

I have a lot of packages uploaded, but some of them glitch out like this. Basically, I publish a new version of a package, and when I get the latest package on the rest of the models, they update, but the yellow circle won’t go away. This also doesn’t let me publish the place and is really annoying. It’s just a traffic light model. I tried everything but my only solution is publishing every single model with the same package (it gets rid of the yellow circle after publishing), but that’s stupid.
Can anyone help please?

PS I know this is more of a bug report but I can’t post there


Not completely sure if this is related, but a packages bug is noted in the newest release notes. Is Team Create enabled for your place?

I don’t have Team Create enabled. I also noticed that it mostly occurs on packages I created at the same time period (about a month or 2 ago?). Doesn’t happen anymore on new packages, but still does on older ones.

EDIT: nevermind, just created a new package and same thing again. Awesome!

I would also like to add that everytime I just simply move a model with a packagelink in it, it just instantly says its changed, and I can confirm that it did not change at all. And yes, its/they are Models.

This is due to floating point innacuracies that fix themselves whenever you move the model. That’s why it says the package is changed when it only was for a fraction of a second.

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okay i kinda replaced the package models in a way that it doesnt make them trigger the changed thing (ever since the latest post), but now suddenly it happened again to almost every single package there is. Seriously, please help…


Same issues here. :sad:
My packages are kept saying they are changed.

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there’s no fixing this dude… sorry :I


Is there any way to make sure your models have already fixed themselves before you upload them as a package? Or is it something that’s re-calculated and checked every time you move the model?
I’m having the exact same problem at the moment :weary: and it’s killing me >_>

The current method I’m using is just doing what I need to do with the packages on a mass scale(for example populating a map with these packages), then re-updating the said package (my control package)in a Package DB place and updating all of them. which seems to work most of the time, I haven’t found a faster method to work around this problem yet :frowning:

What I do is:

  1. Select PackageLinks of all bugged packages
  2. Delete them
  3. Publish
  4. Ctrl + Z to get them back

Roblox, please fix this instead of adding new fonts.


It has started happening to me today. Multiple packages are flagged as unpublished changes, and I can’t fix it by publishing or undoing it, so by this mean I can’t publish the game to roblox. Please fix or let us disable this feature without removing all package links!! image

Can you send me the steps to reproduce issue in private chat? Thanks!

I am having the same exact issue. Multiple packages are flagged as having unpublished changes. Selecting Undo changes or Publish changes does not change the status. I can’t publish the place.
This started happening yesterday.

Hi we just released a fix. Please restart studio and try it again. Thanks for reporting!


Still experiencing this issue :confused:

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i have the same problem with the humanoid description in Chracatermodels/Humanoid/Humanoiddescription, if you don’t need it delete it, also you should deactivate some plugins (maybe they can be the trigger too)

and after this restart the studio

@Jdsimpsonn @kevini44 Could you file a new topic with more details so it can be looked into and resolved? Many thanks in advance!