Page with downloads of Rthro catalog avatar rigs and meshes

I have a question, since we are gonna have mesh deformation then would it be possible the Roblox dev/moderators give us a copy of the catalog anthro avatars but the original file.

an example, I have some games idea where I use anthro and since we will have mesh deformation I would like to use the anthro and use the mesh deformation on them for like fingers, shoulders etc.

so I would like to ask if it is possible for us to have access to any sort of page where we can download the original files of the avatars.


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Although I can’t guarantee that the exact resources you’re asking for will be made available, I can assure you that the IX team will work with the avatar team to provide the info and assets needed to use Rthro effectively. From what I can tell, the gears are still turning.


thank you, for letting me know, if u got anything new let me know in this post here.
like if something got forward about the avatar.

sorry to bother you, but what happen ? i never gave a response if you did or not or if is being made or if it is not possible.