Paint Tool that Paints a Specific Region

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to create a large area made up of a specific material without having to spend time just painting it.

Right now, in order to make a large area made up of terrain, you’ve first have to use the sea level feature to create a large box.

This allows me to quickly add large expanses of terrain. But this feature only allows you to create a large body of water.

What if I want, say sand?
I would have to manually paint all of the water until it’s all become sand.

This is incredibly frustrating.
There’s no need to spend time painting terrain when you could implement a way to paint both a way to select a large, and I mean a large area of terrain, and with the press of a button turn it all to another material.

There’s two plugins which do what I’m talking about:
This delicious part to terrain,
And this tasty terrain converter, (which is a fixed version of this broken plugin)

The first of which allows me to make a large part and turn it to one material, and the second of which allows me to paint on only one material.

That is, to for example only paint all the grass to sand, and not paint any other material.

In this image, you can see how the terrain converter works:

You first select what terrain you’d like to convert, and then what you’d like to convert the terrain too. Then it works just like regular painting. The region tab, shown above, is currently broken, but you get the idea. Select an area, and convert a specific material to another material.

Anyways, I really feel like these two plugins should be implemented into Roblox itself. They are so genius. It would allow me to paint specific regions so much faster and much less tediously.

@rickje139 also talks about this.


If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would not have to spend hours painting an area. I would be able to create terrain faster, and more efficiently.


I would like to see this aswell, i need to convert my map to the summer version by repainting the whole scene and this is very hard to do without this.


My request has been fulfilled with the release of the Search & Replace tool! I love that staff listen to developer’s requests. It’s exactly what I wanted- with more features that I expected! :mountain:


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