Pancake1824 - Translator Portfolio (Spanish, Portuguese, and French)

About me

Hi there! I am Pancake1824 (you can call me Pancake for short) and I’m offering my services as a translator. My native language is Spanish since I am from Mexico. I learned English through school and I have also learned Portuguese and French with an app called Duolingo.

Why should you hire me?

As I already wrote, my native language is Spanish (which is one of the most spoken languages in Roblox) and I have good grammar plus I will put a lot of effort into making sure the translations are correct. I will also make sure to update/add new translations if you ask.

My Work

I have translated an entire discord server (link here, unfortunately it closed down a day after I translated everything :sad:.)


It’s summer! I am available most of the day.


(Translating from English to Spanish, Portuguese, or French - Translating from Spanish, Portuguese, or French to English.)

Depending on how much I have to translate is how much I will ask. I don’t accept USD, I prefer Robux. (I have a relatively cheap price compared to other translators)

100 words = 50 Robux

You can either give me the text that you want me translate in a word file or I can add the translations to the localization table (I would need to be in Team Create), it’s your choice to decide which method you prefer. (I can also translate discord servers, but they have to be roblox-related.)


If you want me to translate anything, please contact me on Discord. My tag is: Pancake#6519

Thanks for reading this!


You can follow the guidelines to the Public Portfolio. The thread is really out of order and not more information.


Oh! I see now how its supposed to be…

Sorry, this IS my first post. I’ll edit it now.

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Um. Respectfully saying, I always appreciate new lines of work being introduced on ROBLOX. But I have to question the job of a translator? Can’t people just use Google Translate and then just post the translations on for example Devforum and see if anyone can conform its right meaning?


Well, the thing is, Google Translate isn’t always accurate, but honestly it’s mostly just because it’s a pain to translate like 5,000+ words. You wouldn’t want to do that would you?

I wouldn’t, and maybe a well established dev wouldn’t either. But a cheaper, start up dev will try as hard as they can not to cough up robux. It’s most likely you will be hired by more bigger developers. So you may benefit from upping the prices a bit.

As pancake said. Google translate is not 100 Percent accurate. I know a game called Reason 2 Die that was getting support for different languages. Though some people used translate and people had problems making out what some words said cause of this.

Its better to just hire a translator and get accurate translations then use google translate.

My only concern is that there are no examples of your work or word of mouth to back it up. Is it possible for you to include some previous translations or sample translations?

I suggest you to put a certificate in your thread if you have one! That would be nice.

A developer who cares about his playerbase will never use the google translator due to the distorted translation. Google translator is far from perfect.

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What do you mean? Do I just show, let’s say, for example, me translating something to spanish?

“This game is cool!”
Spanish: “¡Este juego esta padre!”

I think @ebur1n means do you have any past employers that you have worked for/ games you have translated that you could put here? I think he also meant/said that do you have a text (longer than that sentence :grinning:) that you could put here, English and _____. Also, as @wastemanty23 said, I think you should add a pic of a certificate if you have one.

Two things:

I don’t have a certificate.

And I haven’t worked with anyone yet. I just decided that I could be a translator because I am fluent in 3 languages (that a lot of people speak.)

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Oh ok. You could still do the translating a body of text thing though, and it would improve your portflio. Anyways, good luck on future comissions and have a good day.

Well, no other translator has done the translating a body of text thing, and I don’t think its neccesary, but still, thanks for replying and taking your time out of your day.

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Update: If you want me to translate something please reply here (if you’re a member of the developer forum) saying that you sent me a friend request on Discord plus your Discord tag.

I am one of Pancake’s current customers and he is an awesome and trustable guy.

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Well not anymore.


Bumping this post back up, I am still looking for jobs!