Parental control: Hide all non-FilteringEnabled games

A lot of effort has gone into filtering the chat for kids, I think it’s time to filter Lua from other clients as well. I’m suggesting that either all non-FilteringEnabled games are hidden from <13 players, or an optional parental setting be added.

There’s a very real reason the Roblox twitch only plays games with FilteringEnabled. It’s extremely rare, and I’m sure security has been improved, but in the 8 years I’ve actively been on roblox, I’ve seen exploiters do everything from run rape animation scripts, to inserting BillboardGui porn, only on games without FilteringEnabled.

My 3 year old niece loves playing roblox on my iPad, and I can’t help but be a little worried. I don’t mean to offend any devs out there, but FilteringEnabled has been out for years and there’s been plenty of time to move over. The twitch stream is infinitely more likely to be harassed than a random child, but this would give me peace of mind while I introduce my younger relatives to Roblox.


This would be a wonderful idea. It would really help promote the idea of making Filtering Enabled more mainstream for less experienced developers. Perhaps all FE games should also have a Security Symbol to show they are secure?

Likewise, it’s pretty much unacceptable for any frontpage game not to have Filtering Enabled. Perhaps there should be an extreme disadvantage to non-FE Frontpage games (this would also help with the issues about stolen, remodelled clickbait games which are rarely Filtering)

Green check mark or green lock icon. Non FE games a red unlocked icon or something.

This will happen:


I would like to hide all non-FE games myself, just to see what the games page looks like.

Near empty

The fact that games without Filtering Enabled are available to users under 13 is already a bit concerning imo.

Just en-case you guys didn’t hear about this, this has been implemented:

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